Baby Shower by Wiley Valentine
March 27, 2013
United States
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I've known Emily and Rachelle of Wiley Valentine for as long as I can remember. We've sort of grown up together and have watched each other's businesses take flight and babies grow, sort of in tandem. So when I saw this shower that Rachelle threw for Emily - along with some of the most beloved in the business like Jesi Haack, Pitbulls and Posies and Found Vintage Rentals - I sort of felt like I was right there beside them. Rubbing bellies and making toasts to another little creative addition to our family. Click here to see the whole adorable spread.
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From Rachelle of Wiley Valentine... This was such a special shower to plan. Emily is not only my business partner of 10+ years and the other half of Wiley Valentine, but also one my dearest friends. When I found out Emily was pregnant, and then found out it was a girl, I was so over the moon excited. And then began the shower planning, almost immediately!Emily's style is understated, classic with a mix of vintage, muted color palettes and she absolutely adores animals. We took this vibe, and created an animal adorned, vintage haven in her mother's back yard. There were different stations including the food with the gorgeous backdrop by Jesi Haack & laser cut animals by Pitbulls & Posies.

There was a mobile station which was so special. There were laser cut wooden animals ready to sign with a special note for the baby. Then we hung the animals for an instant, personalized mobile! The most popular station was the tea bar. Each guest chose an animal topped jar (made by Emily's mother and sister) to mix their own custom loose leaf tea  blend. There were 8 different types of teas to choose from, and each jar was adorned with a tea strainer. The fragrance from the tea bar just made the backyard smell heavenly!

There were many artistic guests that attended the shower and so, the gifts were just so amazing. Lots of handmade gifts which are always so special.
It was such a special day and I was so honored to be able to give this beautiful shower to Emily.

Photography: Andrea Patricia Photography | Shower Invitations, Design & Concept: Rachelle of Wiley Valentine | Florals: Michelle Shaw of Four Petals | Backdrop design & mobile station: Jesi Haack | Lasercut animals, laser cut stir sticks & "We are Wildly Excited" sign: Amber of Pitbulls and Posies | Vintage Sofa vignette: Found Vintage Rentals | Handmade "The Owen Family" book: Sarah McDonald | Watercolor pages, handbound: Sarah  | Chinese Take out box noodles & Kale Salad: Nili Stevens Inspired Living | Handmade Giraffe Fabric art: Molly Jay