DIY Hostess Apron
March 20, 2013
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As a passionate baker myself, I feel confident when I say that an apron is a kitchen essential. Unfortunately, I learnt this the hard way through strawberry stains and chocolate splatters. Though a cute apron isn't necessarily a requirement, it is a recommendation if you ask anyone around here. With some basic sewing skills (ahem, hello youtube!) and some fabulous fabric, it really isn't terribly difficult to make one for yourself (might as well make one for your best friend, while you're at it). And with it, you'll be sure to look like the hostess with the mostest in no time. Catch the how-to below.

Supplies for Hostess Apron:
1.5 yards striped fabric
1 yard white fabric
white thread
sewing machine
apron top template (download here!)
apron skirt template (download here!)

directionsstep-1Download our apron templates for the skirt and top. Print them out (full size) on several sheets of paper and attach together- each download contains an overall image of the pattern, a page showing how all the pages fit together, and the pattern ready to print on 8.5x11" pages.

step-2Iron all fabric.

step-3Cut out the template for the top along the lines, and pin to the backside of your striped fabric. Trace along the edges with your pencil. Repeat for the skirt template.

step-4Remove the template and cut out the fabric for both the skirt and the top.

step-5Pin a 1/4" border along the edge of your fabric for the top on every side except the bottom. Repeat for the skirt, on all sides except the top. Sew the borders & trim your threads.

step-6Cut out 2 pieces of white fabric 2" wide by 36" long. These will be your waist ties. Cut out a piece of white fabric 2" wide by 17" long. This will be the center of your waist. Cut out 2 pieces of white fabric 1.5" wide by 28" long. These will be your neckties.

step-7Fold the neck ties in half so they are only 3/4" wide and pin a 1/4" border along the open edge. Pin a 1/4" border along the edges of your white fabric for the waist pieces. Sew all the borders & trim your threads.

step-8Cut out the pocket from the striped fabric: 8.5" x 19.5". Pin a 1/4" border on all sides. Sew the border & trim your threads.

step-9Sew the pocket directly to the front center of the skirt (make sure it is parallel to the top straight edge of the skirt). Only sew the 2 sides and the bottom, and leave the top open. You can separate your pocket into sections for utensils by sewing some vertical lines every few inches down the length of the pocket. Trim your threads.

step-10Sew the bottom edge of the top of the apron to the the white center waist strip.

step-11Sew the waist ties to the center waist strip.

step-12Pin the skirt to the center waist strip, creating ruffles as you go by overlapping the fabric. Start in the center, and overlap layers evenly on both sides as you go outward. At the end, the top edge of the skirt should be several inches shorter because of the overlapping, and should match the center waist length of 17".

step-13Sew the skirt to the center waist strip, and trim the threads. Sew the neck ties to the top of the apron top, and you're done!

Photography: First Mate Photo Co.