The Byrd Collective Story from Ashley Bailey
March 14, 2013
Today is a special day on SMP. Because for the past 6 years we've made a living blogging about pretty. And we haven't taken enough time to marry that pretty with true soul. The kind of soul that empowers you and makes you not only look good, but feel like you're on top of this lovely world. So today we're taking some time to pay homage to all that glitters today, inside and out. Starting with the amazing journey of The Bailey Family. Click here to see the full photography story.
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From Ashley Bailey at The Byrd Collective... Life was literally like a dream. I had just gone platinum, traveled to NYC, then to Houston to speak to brides and flower lovers at BHLDN. I had just starting looking for studio space. I felt on top of the world. And then BAM - our car was hit head on while driving on a back road in the Texas Hill Country. My injuries were severe - a broken back, several broken ribs, a torn duodenum, torn spleen, and torn aorta. I spent 14 days in the hospital. Luckily no one else in our truck was hurt.

And I was overwhelmed by the kindness of our Austin community, our family and our friends as I don't think I was alone in that hospital. Ever.

Once home, in my own bed, surrounded by children and my husband, I felt so blessed to be alive. It is such an overwhelming feeling to know you by-passed death by seconds and to realize how much you love and are loved. I wanted my sweet friend and amazingly talented photographer Brooke Schwab to document this time in our lives so we would always remember the beauty, the sweetness, the kindness, and the love that was brought on through an otherwise tragic moment.

Cut to now, 7 months later, life is actually more fun and just a bit dreamier because I have another day to spend with my sweet and spirited family.

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Photography: Brooke Schwab | Flowers: The Byrd Collective | Location: Our Austin backyard