Baby Shower by Trent Bailey, FaceTime Beauty + Loli Events
March 14, 2013
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As a mommy of not one but two little rugrats, I sort of love this next feature. Because we all know that one baby shower is a must, but two? Well, two seems excessive. Right? Or no? I can't decide. Anyway, Loli Events with the help of gorgeous photographs by Trent Bailey, is helping a girl out with their fun take on a second baby shower, appropriately coined a Sprinkle Party. Where the mama is simply sprinkled with fabulousness - manicures, pedicures & lots and lots of glitter from FaceTime Beauty. And I for one am thinking that this sounds entirely reasonable for an average thursday night as well. Click her to see even more.
From Linsey of FaceTime Beauty Concierge... Molly is a very old friend and we always throw events for each other on special occasions. We had a shower for her first baby and now that she is having a second baby, we thought a small "Sprinkle" would be perfect. The idea of a "Sparkling Sprinkle" came to mind because after being pregnant a few times myself, I know that anything that brings a bit of glitter or sparkle will make you feel uplifted, beautiful and feminine. Our Glamour Glow and manicures helped give all the girls a little "lift" in the winter months, and Cobblestone Catering created a menu of "pure indulgence", making everything easy to eat, colorful and abundant! The goal was to entertain Molly and her friends and make her feel completely pampered.
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Planning on hosting a little Sprinkle party of your very own? Or any old party for that matter? Loli Events has you covered with her tried and true tips on ensuring that your celebration is nothing if not fabulous.

Build a Solid Foundation. Whether it's a party for 10 or 100 the first thing to plan is how the space will be laid out and the "flow" for your guests. Where will gifts go? Where will guests put their jackets? Where will guests put their drinks? Is there enough seating (if not a seated event you should have seating for about 50% of the guests, more if there are a lot of older guests)? Ensuring that you have the practicalities figured out will ensure that the foundation of your party is solid.

Include an Activity.  It's always great to have interactive aspects to the party. For this particular party we offered manicures, spray tan, glitter tattoos for the kiddies and more. It was fun and guests loved getting pampered.

Make it Memorable.  Create a keepsake for the guests honor, a creative guest book or a monogrammed accessory, so that she will always remember the special day.

Respect and Plan for Various Ages. Consider the age range of your guests. If there will be kids make sure they have some planned activities like coloring books. If there are older guests make sure seating is cozy and comfortable

Keep Guests Well Fed.  Always, always, always have food, snacks and beverages both stationary and ideally, passed. This guarantees that everyone will have something to eat and drink while they mingle and aren't forced to end a conversation to grab a bite. Friends can always help with this.

Create a Consistant Color Palette.  An easy way to make sure that your party looks cohesive is to choose a color palette that you will weave throughout the decor and design. Choose 2-3 colors and stay within that range. The theme of the party or even the season can dictate this palette

Flowers Make a Space Feel Special.  For us, flowers are a must.You don't need to have flowers everywhere, but even one beautiful arrangement on a coffee table or placed on a focal point of the space will brighten and freshen up any room and make your event feel special.

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Photography by Trent Bailey | Design by Loli Events | Hostess: Linsey from FaceTime Beauty Concierge | Food: Cobblestone Catering | Manicures, Spray Tan, & temporary Glitter Tattoos: FaceTime Beauty Concierge | Calligraphy: Tuccicursive | Flowers: Seaport | Linen: LaTavola | Personalized Coloring Books: i see me