Bordeaux Home by Julien Fernandez
March 13, 2013
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The best thing about finding inspiration online is that the said inspiration can pretty much come from anywhere in the world. Because it's about taking found ideas and putting your own style stamp on them. One that works just for you . So we're pretty happy about this next Home Tour photographed by the talented Julien Fernandez. Because it's bursting over with steal-worthy ideas that you can transform into something totally personal. And because of the giant pink flamingo. Click here to see the whole space.
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With her nimble fingers and her eyes of expert bargain hunter, Elodie has a gift for decoration. Her house is a gem where vintage design goes along with neo-romantic style. Very elegant !

A few months were enough to redesign this typical small townhouse in Bordeaux. Elodie invested 100% in her first renovation. "I loved this experience. Before, I didn't understand my friends who changed their house when they had just finished the previous. I thought, they are crazy or they really have nothing to do! But today I will start a new restoration with pleasure”, she says. She designed everything by herself and didn't spare her energy. "As I had left my former apartment, I moved to my parents's house who live in the suburbs. Every morning, I biked 12 km to go to work. In the late afternoon, I went on site to carry out the work. At 8 P.M, I returned home by bike, quite exhausted!”, she recalls with fun. The reconfiguration has turned a dark and incommodious 70 square meters single storey into an airy and bright space. The major work had been entrusted by builders. Elodie, assisted by her father, was in charge of the finish : painting, floorboards and tiles. For the decoration, Elodie doesn't need anyone. The Fine Arts school trained graphic designer has a knack for customizing banal furniture and for finding beautiful items that cost nothing. "Apart few pieces of design, there is nothing of value here!", she exclaims laughing.

The Master bedroom, the entrance hall and bathroom, located in the house built in the late nineteenth century, are decorated in a period style defined by Elodie of "Countess". Dusky colors, old furniture and ancient portraits give these rooms an elegant and classic atmosphere. On garden’s side, the scheme of the living area is quite different. White walls and modern furniture create a a 70’s style vintage decor. More or less consciously, the young woman respect the house's history. "The living room is located in an extension added to the ancient building during the Sixties. In these modern volumes with a contemporary fireplace, a classic deco wouldn't have fit in. In the end, the fireplace dictated the decor! " 

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Write up by: Amandine Berthon | Photography : Julien Fernandez