DIY Copper Pot Rack
March 12, 2013
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There's something about building something with your own two hands that's beyond satisfying. Though this copper pot rack appears complicated at first glance, it's actually relatively easy to throw together on a whim. The results are incredibly impactful and will be sure to get people talking. Not to mention it will elevate the wow-factor in your kitchen by miles! Captured by White Loft studio, we've got the full how-to for you right here.

1/2" x 5' Copper Pipe (available at Home Depot)
Copper pipe cutter
(2) Brass corner pieces
(2) 3/4" x 2" steel threaded pieces
(2) 3/4" steel flanges
Copper spray paint
S Hooks
Lemon Juice
Salt (you'll get the best results from salt with no iodine)
Spray Bottle
Saran Wrap
Masking Tape

dottedline (1)instructions

Cut the pipe to a width that fits in your kitchen using the pipe cutter.

step-2Spray paint the steel flanges, steel threaded 2" pieces, and the S hooks with the copper spray paint. Let dry.

step-3 Set up a drop cloth or cardboard area to patina your copper pipe. Lay out saran wrap the length of your pipe and place the pipe on top. You can also use masking tape to wrap some areas of the pipe (this will give it an organic copper and patina look- the masking tape will not be an exact protection due liquid leaking through the tape somewhat). Clean the exposed copper with glass cleaner to remove all remaining oils.

step-4Pour 1/8 cup each of salt, ammonia, and lemon juice into a spray bottle. Cap the bottle and shake thoroughly to mix.

step-5Spray the areas of the pipe you want patinaed, making sure to rotate the pipe and cover all exposed areas.

step-6Wrap the pipe with the saran wrap to keep it humid. Let it sit undisturbed for 1 hour.

step-7Open the saran wrap and re-spray the copper, paying special attention to areas that haven't developed as quickly as others. Re-wrap the saran wrap and let it sit for several hours, or overnight. When the patina looks to be the level you desire, remove the saran wrap and use a paper towel to dry off the pipe.

step-8Attach the brass corner pieces to the 2" threaded pipe pieces to the wall flanges. Slide the S hooks on the copper pipe. Insert the corner pieces onto the copper pipe.

step-9Drill the flange pieces into the wall in your kitchen, and hang your pots!

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Photography: White Loft Studio