1st Birthday Party by So Happi Together + Connie M. Chung
March 11, 2013
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Today's post is basically the entire reason that we've decided to launch Living, a sister site to SMP Weddings. Because for us, it all comes full circle. Over the last 6 years at SMP, we've been blown away as we hear tales from brides featured long ago on our site who have gone on to have babies and plan parties and build a life all around the concept of beauty. They continue to check in and continue to support this site we call home. And today's feature does just that. Because the bride and groom that we featured way back when are now known as mom and dad and are celebrating their daughter's first birthday. I know, it's so cool. Click here to see even more chubby adorable all out cuteness.
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From Elle's Mom...While I love helping others plan their personalized and detail-filled weddings - it was so much fun to plan a party for my daughter, based on our own design aesthetics and her personality. The 1st birthday is a big deal in Korean tradition and called a "dol" so there were several traditional aspects intermixed with our otherwise modern party. We had lots of help from friends that we love to work with and are so lucky that our good friend and Elle's auntie, Connie M Chung, was there to capture the day! We chose a venue that is very near and dear to our hearts: the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica. The same location where her father and I got ready for our wedding, experienced our first look and spent our wedding night. I was smitten with the idea of having pictures of our growing family and love, in the same locations where we first celebrated our union. We made sure that guests entered the party through the hotel library, where some of our favorite wedding photos were taken with many of our bridal party members. As guests at Elle's party we hoped it would bring back fun memories for them as well!

We are drawn to the clean, modern, yet whimsical design of the Viceroy and it was the perfect setting for her pink, yellow, royal blue and gold fete! Polka dots and glitter played a fun role that day and lent a casual air to the otherwise classy ballroom. We had all signage and place cards laser engraved onto white glass and the place cards served as paper weight favors for our guests. We DIYed the escort cards by simply adding some glitter tape to folded paper tent cards. Yellow billy balls as napkin treatments mimicked the polka dots sprinkled throughout other design elements of the day and guests noshed on the yummy cuisine provided by The Viceroy, followed by a smorgasbord of delish desserts (and 2 types of cake!) by our favorite, Sweet and Saucy Shop.

We created a canvas board where guests were able to leave their notes of wishes for and memories of baby Elle. I have stashed them in her scrapbook and can't wait for her to be old enough to read them!

Elle had 3 outfit changes. She changed into a hanbok (traditional Korean dress), which was custom made and hand embroidered in Korea, for the "doljabi" which is a traditional game where you lay out items in front of the baby to see what she will choose. We had guests write their names on little tickets and cast a vote as to what they thought she would choose. The item represents things that she might become in the future. Many people voted for the microphone (which represented music/musician) but she chose the book (which represents academia/scholar). Perhaps she is going to take after my footsteps of being a college professor before I became a wedding planner?

She then changed into a tulle party dress that we made for her and her favorite girl cousin. They were seriously too cute, parading around the party in their matching tulle ensembles. But this tuckered her out and she feel asleep by the time we sang her birthday song. It was still too cute as everyone whispered the Happy Birthday song to her. We were filled with so much happiness and joy to be surrounded by all the people that have helped us love and care for our baby girl. We are truly too blessed and had so much fun. But I promised my husband that all her parties from here on out will be a casual park affair... until her wedding!

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Planner/Designed: So Happi Together | Photographer: Connie M Chung | Venue: The Viceroy Santa Monica | Paper Goods design: Olive Hue Paper Goods | Signage/favors: So Happi Together | Floral Design: Floral Elements | Desserts/Cake: Sweet and Saucy Shop | Linens: La Tavola Linens | Chair Rentals: Chiavari Chair Rentals | Photobooth: Cheesy Photobooths