Fishing Birthday Party from Bash, Please + Raya Carlisle
March 8, 2013
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The ladies from Bash Please never fail to completely floor me with each and every event they tackle. This fishing-themed birthday party thrown together for an adorable little mister  is, per usual, no exception. Seriously, no detail was left unthought of; no mason jar left undesigned and no skipping stone left un-skipped. Captured by the always talented Raya Carlisle, this outdoor fete is unquestionably one for the books. Catch all the details in the overflowing gallery.

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From Bash, Please... The inspiration behind Rem's 8th birthday party was all things outdoors. Winter in Los Angeles is more like Autumn with fallen leaves, crisp air, and camping. We set the scene at Trout Dale in Malibu where the kids could use old timey bamboo fishing poles to catch trout and take them home to cook. Rem himself drew an outdoor scene onto paper and we had it foiled onto wood for the invitation. What a little artist! Army green envelopes with "Where the Wild Things Are" inspired calligraphy gave the guests a preview of what was to come. We set the party table with vintage, plaid, camping blankets as tablecloths and smattered outdoor finds and nods to camping life as decor. Antler sheds, golden leaves, fishing bobbles, forest greens, pine cones, and lots of metal and wooden containers set the stage. We filled wide-mouth mason jars with kid friendly snacks such as carrots, apples, blueberries, and trail mix so the little ones could walk around the grounds while dipping their little hands into their jar of snacks. We marked the tops with nature signs such as arrows, sticks, and trees. We also stencil painted the same emblems onto canvas for our pop-up A-frame tents the kids played in. The cake and cookies were made by Bittersweet Treats with Rem's favorite lemon filling, and she killed it with the design! Snacks were also fishing inspired with gummy worms, goldfish crackers, and dried salmon jerky. We designed and stamped muslin pouches filled with smooth, flat rocks for the kids to take as "skipping stone" favors. Remember when we used to throw rocks into lakes as enjoyment? Outdoor fun still exists!

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Design + Planning + Paper: Bash, Please | Photography: Raya Carlisle  | Sweets: Bittersweet Treats | Venue: Trout Dale