A Palm Beach Style Home Tour from Greg Natale
March 6, 2013
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Welcome SMP-ers! It's high time we took you with us on a fun new adventure we call Living and share all of those must-haves that we crave day after day after day. Whether we've said I-do's or not. And we're kicking things off with this stunner of a home designed by crazy-talented Australian architect & designer, Greg Natale. Every inch of this space has been carefully crafted in the prettiest of ways and if this is what sets the bar for Australian design...consider our bags-a-packed. Oh and don't miss the gallery, it's chock full of so much more.
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And when you get a chance to pick a design genius' brain, you obviously take that opportunity and run with it. Here's a quick little interview that might help give you a bit of an insight into this talented mans sensibilities.

SMP: Who is your very favourite designer, past or present?
GN: The late English David Hicks, he pioneered the look of layering classic and clean lines with geometric patterns.

SMP: From where do you draw your inspiration?
GN: Travel, fashion, books, internet, film, basically everywhere. This particular house was inspired 1950's Florida Palm Beach style. I was also in inspired by the the 1950's film 'Designing Women' with Loren Bacall and Gregory Peck.

SMP: If you had to chose ONE chair to use in every home you design, what would it be (and why)?
GN: The Milo Baughman Lounge Chair it’s a classic and could work anywhere. I like it because it is slick, sexy and chic.

SMP: What's your favourite colour? 
GN: Grey, because everything stands out on it including people.

SMP: If you had to design for any one celebrity, who would it be?
GN: P. Diddy aka Sean Combs, because he has great taste and would push the boundaries.

SMP: Words you live by?
GN: You only live once.

SMP: What do you predict the next trend in interior design is going to look like?
GN: Memphis, I like the diagonal stripes, asymmetrical shapes and teal blue.


Interior Design: Greg Natale | Photography: Anson Smart | White Sofa: Hickory Chair | Coffee Table: Vintage Italian | Side Tables & Chandeliers: Oly Studios | Round Rug: Designer Rugs (the Greg Natale Collection)