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February 17, 2013
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Cheree Berry Paper has pretty much become our go-to resource for all things stationery related. She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to social etiquette and her fabulous paper-goods consistently makes us swoon. We're pretty thrilled to have her here today sharing some of her must-haves for a well-stocked stationery desk, as well as how she often uses interior design to inspire her paper perfections.
From Cheree...
1. You can never have too much stationery! And who doesn’t love getting mail? Especially when the parcel comes adorned with a patterned envelope liner, a colorful painted edge, or an interactive postage stamp. Your paper should match your personality! Always have a set of notecards on hand to use for any occasion – make your grandmother proud.

2. Pretty postage makes a package! I love vintage stamps ( but they can get expensive. Keep an eye out for fun stamps released at your local post office or on and buy them by the dozen (or in my case, the truckload). These are a few of my favorite recent USPS stamps.

 3. Take the "P.S." to a whole new level. Include an "extra little message" on a mini card and enclose it in an equally mini envelope for a fun final note to a friend. 

4. "You use a pEn and pEncil to write on your stationEry." Besides being a good reminder of how to spell stationery, don't forget to consider the writing utensil when penning a note. The Pilot Precise pen – fine point and black ink – is a great choice for all note writing. If you have colored envelopes, consider the DecoColor paint pens. I love the vibrant colors and the opaque paint saturation of these pens.

Okay, so before we let Cheree go off into pretty paperland, we thought we'd have a bit of fun with her and see how her work is often inspired by interior design. You may recognize this Amie Corley designed nursery from earlier today. Using a few components found within as inspiration, Cheree has pulled together a gorgeous birth announcement for her daughter, baby Biz's arrival. How cool is that?!
From Cheree Berry... Inspired by the baby's colorful and eclectic nursery, this announcement was composed of a series of envelopes. (Think: Russian nesting dolls). The interactive announcement reveals – one envelope at a time – the birth details and nickname of baby Biz. Little surprises are woven throughout the playful set – gold ladybugs and bumblebees – to represent this June “birthday” bug. The illustrated floral and vine envelope was inspired by the curtains in the nursery. 

Next up is the mint & orange inspired nursery that you may recognize once more. Using a similar colour palette, and pulling ideas from this particular space, Cheree has come up with this incredible baby shower booklet/invitation.
From Cheree Berry... This baby shower invitation booklet was inspired by the nursery's unique and gender neutral palette – mint green with accents of lemon and orange. The envelope liner was inspired by the detailing in the crib and the geometric prints in the bedding. The narrative of the booklet revealed the party details while weaving in all-things-A: anchors, arrows, apples, alligators. 

I pretty much can't get enough of this idea. From room to paper good? Sheer brilliance if you ask me!  

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Stationery & Paper Goods by Cheree Berry Paper / Nursery Interior Design by Amie Corley / Nursery Photography by: Ashley Gieseking