Adorable Kids Bedrooms from Amie Corley
February 17, 2013
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As a designer myself, I could be incredibly happy decorating spaces for children alone. Bright colours, quirky accents and adorable touches abound - it's something I don't think I'd ever tire of. Designed by the always talented Amie Corley, and beautifully captured by Ashley Gieseking, this collection of kidlet bedrooms are seriously as good as it gets. And if you just so happen to be on the same wavelength as I am, you're in luck! We've broken down each space to show you how you could get a similar look in your own home. We're kicking it all off in high fashion with this adorable little girls' room.
1. A simple floor lamp / 2. A monogrammed pillow / 3. A modern, white crib / 4. A graphic red & white rug / 5. A colourful teddy / 6. A golden pouf / 7. A kelly green credenza

From Amie... This nursery belongs to Biz York, the daughter of Cheree Berry of the world famous Cheree Berry Paper. I can’t take all the credit for this great space, as Cheree was really the mastermind behind the gorgeous color scheme. We used the roman shade fabric as the jumping off point for the space and pulled all the colors from it for the rest of the room. Pink, red and bright kelly green took center stage. The bright colors are tempered with my go to pale robin’s egg blue walls. It’s one of my very favorites and always seems to work wonders.

Next up is this minty nursery, perfectly suitable for both a baby girl or boy...
1. A bright orange giraffe lamp / 2. Some Sharon Montrose artwork / 3. A gorgeous, piped chair / 4. A simple white side table / 5. Some quirky accents / 6. A cozy, colorful teddy / 7. And a customizable yellow & white dresser

From Amie... Mint and orange isn’t a color combination that often comes to mind when you think nursery, but it works perfectly here. My client, Kristen,  didn’t know whether she was having a girl or a boy so we designed a gender-neutral nursery with a few gaps in the plan to make it more apparent after the baby was born. When baby Abby arrived, we used whimsical lamps and fun orange and white curtains with a pretty swag to give it a feminine vibe.

Last, but certainly not least, is this adorable room fit for a tiny queen...
1. A pretty pink headboard / 2. A floral chandelier / 3. Some golden accents / 4. Greek key toss cushions / 5. A cheetah x-bench / 6. A soft, striped rug / 7. A tiny pink birdcage

From Amie... I love designing children’s spaces. They can be whimsical and silly and don’t need to necessarily “go” with the rest of the home. My job is always a little easier and open to creative freedom in a kid’s room. One thing that I always focus on when building my concept for a kid’s space is to use pieces that will stand the test of time. I want them to feel young and fresh but never too cutesy or inappropriate for when they grow. The last thing anyone wants to do is redecorate every few years! Color is always the centerpiece of my kid’s rooms. It's always where we start to build our concept.

This room belongs to a couple of my favorite girls, Ava & Kate. It all started with that awesome Manuel Canovas peony floral embroidered fabric that we used for the custom headboards. Little bits of chartreuse, light blue, and white pull the space together beautifully.

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Interior Design by Amie Corley / Photography by Ashley Gieseking