Inspiration for a Kids' Valentine Making Party
February 10, 2013
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Valentine's Day has taken on a whole new meaning since our littlest SMP-ers arrived. For my daughter, it's a day of pure magic. Pretty, pink and red magic with sprinkles and sparkles and glitter on top. And she looks forward to it from the moment we pack up the Christmas stockings. So this little celebration, crafted especially for the little ones (and their busy mommy's) is in Audrey's honor. It's a full day made just for the messy, grimy, perfect little nuggets that always make our day that much brighter. And it's the best way to spend Valentine's Day or to share the love with the littest of friends before the big day. It's a Valentine's Card making party and it really couldn't be any cuter. First up, the inspiration.
1. Kids' Valentine Table  / 2. Mini Mailbox  / 3. Crafting Supplies  / 4. Geronimo Valentine Balloons / 5. Glitter Darts

We wanted our palette to have a sense of rythym with our Grown Up Valentine's Day party but be decidedly more youthful and fun. We started with the pretty raspberry hue, then added in punches of pink, copper, peach and white. We centered the idea around the same concept as the original party, with crafting and creating being the focal point. Because for us, a party always needs a fun activitiy and making pretty somethings with our little ones always receives high marks from all.  From here, we added in tassle adorned heart balloons, a glittery game of (adult supervised) darts and treats and treats and treats for days. We have such a fun day ahead. Here's a sneak peek...
Included in today's line-up are three kid-friendly recipes that will have your little ones downing fruit (yep, real fruit...not the mushed up variety found in little packets that we sneak into their lunch boxes) and begging for more, easy DIY's that you can do beforehand or with your kids during the party itself (like candy balloon or rocky candy valentines). All in all, the parts and pieces that come together to form a fun, sweet, utterly magical Valentine Making Celebration and we are so super duper excited to share.