Preparing a Cheese Board from Jessica Sloane
January 13, 2013
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It's no secret that the thought of putting together a cheese board can be slightly intimidating. So many options paired with varying tastes often makes it feel like an overwhelming task. If I'm being honest, I, personally, have been known to stand at my local cheese counter, eyes agape, not knowing where to begin. Luckily for us, Jessica Sloane is here breaking down the process into a handful of simple steps. Captured by the talented Jessica Lorren, it turns out that preparing your very own cheeseboard is not nearly as difficult as it may have once seemed. Per usual, you don't want to miss the rest of the gallery.
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From Jessica Sloane... One of our favorite things to serve at a small gathering, shower or party is a cheese board. And a well-executed cheese board doesn't have to be intimidating to put together. Here are some tips on how to build your own cheese platter with just a few key elements.

First, find a platter that will fit 3-5 types of cheese. This could be anything from a marble or slate platter to a wooden cutting board.

Next, decide what types of cheese you want to offer. Try to select a variation of soft and hard cheeses.

Then, choose your pairings: fruit (especially figs), olives, jams, honey, mustard and meats all make great sides. In this case, we went with a mix of Greek and Spanish olives, blueberry jam, pears, marcona almonds, honey, salami and prosciutto. Don't forget to buy an assortment of crackers and/or bread. It's always nice to select an option that is more seedy along with a few plain ones.

To tie our cheese board together we went with a travel-inspired theme. We choose a gouda from Holland, truffle cheese from Italy, French blue cheese, Wisconsin cheddar and a Spanish drunken goat cheese.

Next, place your cheeses on the board in order of softest to hardest. It's always nice to label each cheese so your guests know what they're after. We made ours by using card stock taped onto bamboo skewers.

Place your savory and sweet sides on the board and grab some small knives and snack plates. Now pour a glass of your favorite red or white wine and you're ready to serve!

Tip: If you're using a soft cheese like brie, set it out for an hour before you plan on serving it to make sure that it softens so that it will spread.

To compliment your cheese platter and really impress your guests, consider these delicioso Prosciutto Wrapped Figs overflowing with yummy goat cheese. The best part is that they are five star quality but a total cinch to make!


12 Good-Sized Fresh Figs
1/4 cup Soft Goat Cheese
12 Thin Slices of Prosciutto
Honey, to Drizzle


1. Heat grill to medium high.

2. Slice the figs in half.

3. Place a spoonful of goat cheese into each fig.

4. Wrap each fig with a piece of prosciutto.

5. Grill the figs for a few minutes on each side until the prosciutto starts to get crispy.

6. Drizzle honey over the grilled figs and serve!

Photography: Jessica Lorren / Styling: Jessica Sloane