A Vacation in Greece from Sarah Yates
January 13, 2013
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For as long as I can remember, I've been a fan of Sarah Yates. Her blog, A House in the Hills, has been a daily read of mine for some time and I've since added her to my list of ladies to crush on. This admiration was only further enhanced when first I laid eyes on this series of images. Captured throughout the stunning island of Milos, Sarah is here today sharing her gorgeous Grecian adventure with us including tips for where to stay, what to do, and what to bring to make the most of your trip.  My only question: when can I pack my bags!? Be sure to check out the full gallery - there's just so much more beauty to be had.
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Photography: Sarah Yates & Lou Mora

From Sarah... I'm fortunate to have the opportunity to travel photographing weddings for Birds of a Feather , and when I booked a wedding in Ireland this past September, my husband and I immediately started fantasizing about places we could visit for a proper vacation relatively close by. Greece was high on our list and when I found this photo on Pinterest I was sold! Milos is a sweet little island in the Cyclades, just a short ferry ride away from Santorini, and has all the charm you could ever want from a Greek island. 

Where we stayed:
We love to stay at boutique hotels and when we discovered the Melian Hotel and Spa we couldn't wait to see if it was as pretty in person as it looked online. Fortunately for us, it was even better! The Melian is located in the charming village of Pollonia, a quaint seaside town that's just a little bit less hectic than the other popular tourist town, Adamas. Pollonia has lots of sweet little restaurants that serve up traditional Greek fare and the most amazing seafood I've ever had. During the day there are locals hanging out in the restaurants, spending hours chatting away, and it was easy for us to fantasize about trading in our busy lives in the states for this slow paced life by the sea.

In spite of the town center being just a short walk from our hotel, we ate breakfast every day at the Melian - it was complimentary and the perfect start to each day. We slipped easily into a routine of having coffee, tea, a basket of freshly baked breads/pastries and an incredible fruit plate delivered to our room every morning. We would then sit on our deck overlooking the sea while we planned the day's adventures. It felt a bit like a dream.

One of the things we loved most about Melian was the friendly and helpful staff. I'm not sure I've ever had better service at a hotel. From the moment we arrived to the day we left we had nothing but positive experiences. They were on hand at all times to make sure our every request was met, and seemed invested in being sure we had an extraordinary stay. And of course, we loved the architecture and property itself - seeing the classic white buildings beside the bright blue sea was even better than we could have imagined!

What we did:
We love to explore while on vacation, but it's nice to balance it with a fair share of lounging. For this reason Milos was the perfect place for us to spend a week. We were able to see a good amount of the island, the beaches, and the towns without having to compromise our dedicated lounge schedule. Milos has amazing beaches with white cliffs, long stretches of sand and a refreshing sea.

Our favorite spot was a place called Sarakiniko, a beach surrounded by white volcanic rocks that have been shaped by the wind and sea. It looks like a moonscape and is one of the most incredible things we'd ever seen! It also has amazing cliffs to jump off of and caves to swim into. Really, an adventurers dream!

The highlight of our trip was chartering a catamaran and captain to sail us around the island. We showed up late to the marina and had unfortunately missed all the day's charters - we lucked out when a kind captain offered to take us out on a private sail! He brought us to the best coves for snorkelling and showed us the amazing fishing villages tucked into the island that can only be reached by boat. He fed us traditional Greek snacks and let us decide on the pace for the day. It was perfection!

Another of our favorite things to do on vacation is EAT! And Greek food is pretty amazing so my only regret is that we weren't able to squeeze in more than three meals a day! Most of the time we ate dinner in the tiny seaside restaurants in Pollonia, trying a new restaurant and a new dish each night. The seafood was incredible, straight off the boat and paired with the freshest vegetables right from the island. I'm still dreaming about a pesto pasta I had that rivalled dishes I've eaten in Italy!

What I wore:
The casual, beachy vibe of Milos calls for bathing suits and coverups by day and dresses with wraps to stay warm for the evenings. We would come back to the hotel after a day of adventuring, nap and then shower to head out to dinner later in the evening. It was a routine we fell easily and happily into!

Thanks so much for reading! To see more of our vacation photos on instagram, search for #lourahtour2012. Happy traveling!

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