Garland and Wintry Wreaths from Daisy Rose Floral Design
January 6, 2013
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Surrounding ourselves with all-things-pretty is what we’re all about here at SMP at Home. Though the holidays are behind us now (insert soft sobs here), it doesn't mean that our table tops should remain undecorated and our doors unwreathed (it's a verb!). Captured by the talented Jessamyn Harris, Daisy Rose is here today sharing some gorgeous wintry wreaths and table top garland she lovingly crafted just for us. Don't miss the rest of the gallery right here!
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Wire Cutters
Paddle Wire, 24 or 26 Gauge
20 Gauge Cloth Covered Wire
Various Flowers & Foliage, to Your Preference


1. Gather a small bunch of flowers and foliage into a loose bouquet. Arrange any pieces of the same material at different lengths to avoid creating a fan effect.

2. Trim any excess stems, leaving about and inch or so as a handle.

3. Lay out the cloth covered wire and place your bunch of flowers along it. The wire will act as your garland base. Using the paddle wire, wrap the stems tightly around the cloth covered wire three times until secure. Without cutting the paddle wire, continue to the next step.

5. Gather the next bunch of flowers and foliage and lay it next to the first, being sure not to leave any gaps in the garland. Bring the paddle wire down to where you'll secure this next bunch. Without leaving any slack in the wire, tightly wrap these stems at least three times until they are secure.

6. Continue this process until the garland is the length you want it. Once you've attached your last bunch of flowers, cut the paddle wire and tuck it back into the garland. Hide all wire with flowers or greens by poking their stems through the garland until everything looks finished and full on both ends.

From Jessamyn Harris Photography...
I asked Daisy Rose to design some wintry wreaths and garland with a festive but not holiday-specific look to them. I adore the flowers she created for Devika and Ron's wedding  and wanted to see what she could do off-season. She made three beautiful wreaths, and was nice enough to do a tutorial for making a simple but lovely garland. It is loose and wild enough that I feel confident that even I could pull off a similar pretty look for a nice addition to a just-because table.

I also just loved photographing Daisy's space in the Sonoma countryside. Daisy has a cool background: she was born was the name Daisy, and married a man whose last name is Rose, and then she became a florist! She's a newer Sonoma area florist, but is rapidly becoming more and more in demand. I got to meet both of her (huge!) pups. I also had the pleasure of seeing the end result of the remodel of a 100 year old, falling down shed transformed into a perfect, cozy flower studio, to photograph her genuine London taxi cab delivery car, and to watch Daisy in action.


Photography: Jessamyn Harris Photography / Florals: Daisy Rose