DIY Confetti from House of Earnest
December 30, 2012
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If there's one thing I'll never tire of it's a good old-fashioned New Years party. Let's be honest, any excuse to sip on champagne with loved ones is aces in my books. Whether you're heading out on the town or keeping it casual with friends in the comfort of your own home, a little celebration is definitely in order. And in our humble opinion, every soiree large or small, needs a bit of sparkle..perhaps in the form of this metallic confetti that the fabulous Erin of House of Earnest crafted just for us. And simple is the name of the game because lets face it, not all of us have time to do elaborate DIY's when we're busy picking outfits and buying up bubbly. This little dose of pretty is as easy as one-two-punch. 

Mini Paper Bags
Pretty Ribbon
Hole Punch (shown is a 3/4 inch circle)
Metallic Paper
Double Stick Tape
A Wooden Box


1. Using your hole punch, cut out about 1 cup full of paper dots.

2. Evenly distribute the paper dots among 12 small paper bags.

3. Double fold the top of the bag and secure up and over to the back with double stick tape.

4. Press decorative ribbon over the top of the double stick tape.

5. Keep the bags in a pretty display (in this case, a wooden box) to pass out before midnight.

Tip: Make sure to ask someone special to take a photo of the action so you'll be sure to remember the holiday sparkle all year long!

Styling and Photography: House of Earnest