DIY Hostess Herb Vases
December 22, 2012
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With simple DIY's the likes of this one, there isn't really any excuse to show up to a party empty handed this year. Photographed by our beloved White Loft Studio, not only are these adorable hostess herb vases simple to put together, they're also wonderfully functional and smell fantastic to boot. Not to mention that they'll more or less guarantee that you'll be bumped up your friends speed dial ranking at least a notch or two (Seinfeld reference, anyone?) See even more of these adorable gifts right here.
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Photography: White Loft Studio / Design + Styling: Style Me Pretty

Small glass vases
Linen fabric
Sealing red wax
Wax initial stamps (T, B, & R)
Red velvet ribbon
Iron transfer paper
Iron-on herb labels (download here!)
Spray adhesive
Fresh thyme, basil, & rosemary

1. Cut the linen into a 3" x 4" rectangle.

2. Download the iron-on herb labels & print them out on the iron transfer paper (follow the instructions that come with the paper). Cut out the label and place it face down on the linen rectangle. Iron the label for about one minute on high heat (no steam!), and peel off the wax backing.

3. On a piece of cardboard, spray the backside of the linen with spray adhesive. Press it onto the front the glass vase, smoothing out any bubbles.

4. Wrap the red velvet ribbon around the vase and trim it just after it crosses the linen label (you can use a bit of spray adhesive to hold it in place if needed).

5. Melt the sealing wax and drip it on top of the point where the ribbon crosses itself. Quickly press the initial stamp into the wax and remove.

6. Fill the vase with water and add your herbs. Repeat for the remaining vases.