A Matthew Robbins Tablescape
December 22, 2012
By: Fallon
Wedding guru Matthew Robbins is a personal favorite (of ours, of Martha Stewart's, and let's be honest, pretty much every lady on this planet). Which is why we literally squealed when images of a beautiful holiday tablescape from his own home popped in our inbox. While we love the holidays, sometimes you just don't want to deck out your home in jingle bells and tinsel; sometimes, you want something a little different. With this in mind, Matthew crafted a natural, unfussy dinner setting fit for any holiday goer alike.  As if these images (so beautifully captured by Jack Myers) weren't enough, the guru even came up with a few tips to help you recreate the look in your own home. Oh, Mr. Robbins, how we adore you! Be sure to check out the gallery below for more pretty and a sneak peek of Matthew's amazing book, Matthew Robbins' Inspired Weddings.
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From Matthew... If you aren't such a big fan of all things glittered, metallic or red and green try going for a soothing, natural, earthy palette for your next holiday table. There is no reason you have to give into tradition for your decor. Stick to what you love and find beautiful.

1. Greet your guests with champagne or sparkling wine. Arrange the glasses on a beautiful tray and place on a counter or tabletop with linen cocktail napkins to create a festive but unfussy decor moment. Keep a decorative ice bucket nearby to chill the bottle of bubbly. All of these items work as decor when artfully arranged.

2. To avoid the traditional colors and patterns of the season go with a warm neutral such as this patterned linen runner which looks great as a base for unique objects and pops of lush green foliage.

3. As a nod to tradition fill an eclectic but well edited selection of vases with dark green foliage. Avoid the typical holiday evergreens and use ferns and bay leaf as I did for this table setting.

4. Use low trays for holding and presenting groupings of vases and candles. Sometimes a small vase has so much more presence when presented with a beautiful plate or tray underneath. This also brings another layer to the table decor and adds dimension to the presentation.

5. A mix of candles will provide a more generous glow for your table and guests. I like to mix tapers with lower votive candles to have light on the table, the decor and the faces of my guests.

6. Always leave a small "treat" at each place setting. A simple embellishment such as the sprig of bay I used here, a single bloom or name tag will add that custom touch your guests will remember and appreciate.

7. Design a table that feels appropriate for and inspired by your home. In this case I was inspired by the nearby window filled with beautiful ferns and orchids. This provided the perfect inspiration for my earthy, green and simply chic table decor.
Inspired by Matthew's tips, we created a natural, easy roundup of items to help one achieve this simple look. We kind of want everything, and we of kind of want Mr. Robbins to come over and style it for us. A girl can dream!

1. John Robshaw's gorgeous apron. Because, well, sometimes matching your decor isn't such a bad thing.

2. Tree or not, this candle will have your home smelling like the holidays in no time.

3. We like this classic pitcher. And we love that it can be used as a vase or as a serving piece.

4. Fancy champagne for your fancy party? But of course!

5. Attention! Crate + Barrel's mini potted fern is currently on sale (...which just means that we'll buy twice as many). Today's DIY Hostess Herb Vases would also work beautifully!

6. Glassybaby votives are the absolute prettiest and happen to have an amazing backstory. We think the linen-colored one suits our table just fine.

7. Beautiful, polished horn servers from Jayson Home+Garden

8. A hickory coaster set to bring the outdoors in

9. Cheeseboards, especially when they're as pretty as this slate one, can also work as accessory trays

10. A neutral, linen striped tablecloth in earthy tones sets the mood
So, we pretty much think Matthew walks on water. Not only can the man design the prettiest of simple tablescapes, but he does glamour like nobody's business! In one of our favorite books of 2012, Matthew Robbins' Inspired Weddings shares advice for achieving an extremely personalized look for your wedding based on objects you love. Honestly, this book is great even if you're not in the market for prenuptial advice! Matthew was kind enough to give SMPers a sneak peek - if our glowing review doesn't sell you, then these images certainly will!

Photography: Jack Myers / Styling: Matthew Robbins Design