DIY Book Ornaments
December 16, 2012
By: Fallon
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Whoever said that beautiful, handmade ornaments were a thing of the past was seriously mistaken! Don't let the looks of our leatherbound book ornament fool you: it can be whipped up by anyone in no time. But our favorite part about this craft? The pages can be completely personalized to the giftee's taste. Think along the lines of a sweet quote, lyrics from a favorite shared song... or even a proposal! (Yep, we had to go there). At any rate, think about how good it'll feel to make something this gorgeous... your family and friends will be wildly impressed!
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leather (can be found at a craft or fabric store)
leather lace
watercolor or thicker paper
large needle (check to see that the twine fits in the eye)
velvet ribbon
hot glue gun & glue sticks

1. Cut the leather into a 4" x 6" rectangle.

2. Cut the paper into (4) 3.5" x 5.5" sheets.

3. Stack the papers & fold in half. Wrap the leather cover around the paper. Poke 4 holes through the paper & 2 holes through leather with the needle.

4. Thread the twine through the holes and knot on both ends (inside the leather cover).

5. Cut a 10" piece of ribbon & fold in half. Hot glue the ribbon into the center pages of the book, leaving a loop on top for hanging.

6.Write a message inside the book if you like.

7.Close the book and tie with leather lace. Hang on the tree, or give to a friend!

Photography: White Loft Studio / Design + Styling: Style Me Pretty