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DIY Tiered Wreath Centerpiece
December 9, 2012
By: Fallon
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Great DIY centerpieces can be tricky. First, you're usually crafting something that you've never attempted to make before. Second,  because it's the center of your table you don't want it to be just "so-so." Thankfully, our tiered wreath centerpiece has you covered. Despite its fancy appearance, it's super easy to recreate (we know from first-hand experience!). For those of you with champagne taste on a PBR budget, we think this is a wonderful compromise.

3 foam wreath rings
4 small branches or sticks
Variety of winter greens (we used pines, juniper, & boxwood)
Thin white candles
Green Floral Wire
Plant Clippers
Hot Glue Gun & Glue

Step 1: Make your wreaths: Arrange your greens around a foam ring, and wrap with green floral wire to secure in place.  Start with a base of basic pine, and add in sprigs of boxwood and juniper as you go.  Repeat for the other 2 rings.
Step 2: Cut your sticks to 14-16" lengths.
Step 3: Insert each of the sticks into the top of the first wreath.  Make sure they are firmly in the foam, and secure with hot glue. Slide the second wreath on the sticks down to half of the length the sticks, and secure with hot glue.  Then press the third wreath on to the top of the sticks and hot glue in place.
Step 4: Take the four taper candles and insert into the top wreath, and light.

Photography: White Loft Studio / Design and Styling: Style Me Pretty