DIY Etched Wine Decanter
December 9, 2012
By: Fallon
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Here at Style Me Pretty, we like to consider ourselves wine connoisseurs. As you also may have guessed, we have a strong affinity for adorable DIY projects. So when our resident crafting expert suggested creating a marriage of the two for our Christmas Soiree, we (instantly) welcomed the idea with arms wide open. Love of vino aside, our etched wine decanter is ideal for the thoughtful holiday gathering. Anything that can indicate self-service to guests while simultaneously acting as a piece of decor is a win in our book! If you're at a loss as to what your beautiful decanter should contain, be sure to take a look at our recipe for homemade mulled wine. We believe the two go together quite nicely!

Glass wine decanter (ours is from Sur la Table)
Glass etching cream
Clear contact paper
Exacto Knife
Fine Point Sharpie
Merry Christmas Template (download here!)

Step 1: Download & print the Merry Christmas Template. Trace "Merry Christmas" onto the contact paper with your sharpie.  Be sure to trace on the side that has the contact paper, not the wax paper backing.  (We like to tape ours to the window to help us see the outlines!)

Step 2: Clean the glass of your decanter with rubbing alcohol.  Peel the backing off the contact paper and press firmly to the glass, taking care to smooth out any bubbles.

Step 3: Use your exacto knife to cut out the outlines of "Merry Christmas". Remove the contact paper from inside the letters.

Step 4: Follow the instructions on your etching cream, paint on the cream.  Let sit for 15 minutes, then wash off with cold water & soap.

If you're looking for something delicious to fill up your new decanter, check out our classic mulled wine recipe! We promise it won't disappoint.

Photography: White Loft Studio / Design and Styling: Style Me Pretty