DIY Flower Arranging Party from Gabriella New York
November 18, 2012
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Flower arranging is one of those incredibly useful details to put in your hostess bag of tricks for safe keeping. It's the workhorse that will get you through many a dinner party and pretty up your home on the fly. Now take that skill and wrap it into a birthday party with all your best girlfriends; St. Germain included. We happen to think this Cocktails + Flower Arranging Party is pure genius conceptualized by Gabriella New York, executed so thoughtfully by Rock Paper Scissors Events, with flowers by Rountree Flowers and all captured by Moss + Isaac. Check out the full gallery of images right here for even more inspiration plus some great tips on making your very own flower arrangements below.
Jessie, the floral genius behind Rountree Flowers, was kind enough to share some of her wisdom as to how to create the perfect arrangement:

5 Tips for Arranging Flowers Beautifully

1. When you unwrap your flowers from the store, or bring them in from the garden, take one stem at a time and remove all the leaves except the one closest to the blossom. Line them up in neat piles on the counter. This step is just like de-cluttering your closet: you'll be able to see what you're working with.

2. When your container has a relatively wide opening, start by cutting several flowers "short" so that the bloom rests just over the lip of the container, with each stem criss-crossing in the water, touching the bottom of the vase. This will provide some stability for the rest of the blooms as you continue to add stems of various lengths. Work from the outer edge, inward.

3. Invest in a proper cutting tool so you can cut through stems effortlessly, and provide a clean cut that will make your flowers last longer (like an ARS 7inch "General Pruner", about $34). Keep it in your kitchen drawer where you'd be preparing your flower arrangement.

4. Frequently asked questions: Yes, cut at an angle. Add something to the water for longevity? Not necessary: nothing is better for the flowers than fresh cool water, replaced daily if possible.

5. Fool proof arrangements: collect bud vases of all kinds (small, tall, slim, antique, ethnic, etc.) and use them in different groupings around the house. Weather you're working with casual deli flowers or amazing heirloom garden roses, bud vases showcase the flowers and keep things playful.
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From Ara Farnam of Rock Paper Scissors Events... Gabriella of Gabriella New York Bridal Salon had the brilliant idea of throwing a flower arranging birthday party for a good girlfriend of hers. We took that inspiration and created a glam, ultra-fem, flower-inspired party that was perfectly girly without being too sweet. We brought in Jessie of Rountree Flowers who literally taught a small class as the main event of the party, and this served as a major decor element as well as the flowers looked so gorgeous that they took center stage.

The party started with champagne cocktails in the garden, greeting each guest as they arrived. Then we moved upstairs for more champagne and a lovely cheese platter. Note the easy ingredients of both. You don't have to be a whiz in the kitchen to put together a lovely party, as presentation is everything! After a little mingling, Jessie talked us through creating our own floral masterpieces in tea cup vases. To secure the flowers in our containers, we used a little bit of chicken wire and rolled it into a ball. Clear floral tape would also have worked to create a structure for our pretty flowers. Each guest got to take home their creation in a lovely prepared box. But no birthday party is complete without cake! We had a simply gorgeous cake made by Lael Cakes who created an ideal, delicate treat to go with our flower party. The pretty, soft pictures were captured by Leigh Anna from Moss + Isaac, whose style captured this glam, feminine party perfectly!

Photography: Moss + Isaac / Concept: Gabriella New York Bridal Salon / Event Design + Planning: Rock Paper Scissors Events / Floral Instruction: Rountree Flowers / Cake: Lael Cakes