DIY Sewn Linen Conversation Starters
November 11, 2012
By: Fallon
ThanksgivingParty DIYThanksgiving DIY
Oh, Thanksgiving. As much as we love our friends and family, sometimes getting a lively, drama-free dinnertime conversation going can be like pulling teeth! But, the true Hostess with the Mostess has already thought this through and opted to create these adorable DIY conversation starters. What better way than to break the ice with these adorable, organic-looking crafts? And if you need a refresh on today's goodness, click here for our inspiration & here for our DIY Magnolia Napkins.
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Sewing Machine
White Thread
White Cardstock Paper
White Linen Fabric (not much, a piece about 15" x 4.5")
Large needle (big enough to fit the twine)
Blossom or small branch

Step 1: Cut your paper into strips 4"x 3/4" (one for each placesetting).
Step 2: Cut your linen into strips 4.5" x 1.25" (one for each placesetting).
Step 3: Center the paper strip on top of the linen strip.  Sew along the length of one of the long sides, leaving a small border. Trim your threads.
Step 4: Poke a hole through the paper on one end with the needle and thread the twine through.
Step 5: Write a Thanksgiving conversation starter on each paper strip.
Step 6: Tie the strip to a blossom or small branch, and place on each plate.

Photography: Heidi of White Loft Studio / Design + Styling: Jess Blazejewski for Style Me Pretty