House Tour from Melani Lust Photography + Drolet Interiors
November 4, 2012
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In my dream moments, I'm a glamour girl and my apartment looks just like this home captured by Melani Lust Photography...all chandeliers and gilded surfaces, maybe a faux fur pillow or two. In reality, I am much, much more casual but that doesn't mean I can't take a note from the stylings of Drolet Interiors and snazz up my surroundings. This is classic mixed with a really glamorous touch akin to Old Hollywood and we are all on board. Check out the full home tour in the gallery and be sure to take a moment to read up on just how Jennifer of Drolet Interiors approached designing her very own home.

From Jennifer of Drolet Interiors... When asked what my personal style is as a designer, I must defer to the many in the industry who have described it as “Old School Hollywood.” This description is spot on. My inspiration comes from the clean lines of modern, the richness of antiques and the dramatic flair of texture, boldness and deep color. The biggest challenge for the majority of interior designers is designing their own home. This is what I faced as I was working on my home, as the exposure to the greatest inspirations are endless.
More from Jennifer... In my living room, I transformed the old white walls and dark beamed ceilings into the dramatic depths of Benjamin Moore’s French Beret on the walls and boxed off beams and moldings in their classic white dove. The tired brick on the fireplace was refaced with a veneer of gray cut fieldstone. The painting and major groundwork for my living room was done by J Randolph Painting & Restoration of Westport. As a finishing touch in the living room, I had the two small walls on either side of the French doors stenciled in a “mod” design by Loren Rubino of Rubino Décor in Westport. As for the furniture throughout the house, the sources range from my personally designed living room sofa, upholstered in a Holly Hunt indoor/outdoor fabric, to the restored antiques I have had for many years. With any client, I like to work with what they have, as old pieces can be painted, restored and updated into classic pieces which will last over time.

In my office, I chose a classic, perhaps art deco, desk by Theodore & Alexander. I am inspired by the richness of the rosewood paired with the bold white on white horizontal striped walls done by artist Frank Post of Wilton. The high gloss 10” stripes on the walls are accented by the high gloss, customized cabinets. I love the clean look of white and chose this to be the core for my office.  On the floor I have a white cowhide I purchased online many years ago, knowing that I would eventually find a place for it. All of the customized upholstery, hand-selected customized nail head cornices in the kitchen, and drapery in the master bath were done by Top of the Line Drapery & Upholstery in Stamford. Decorator Services in Bridgeport did the living room and master bedroom drapery. In my dining room, I have the walls painted in a subtle textured pearl glaze, which was done by Floe Painting of Westport. The bold black/white painted floors I painted myself.  My favorite dramatic detail in my house is the very rich red and fuchsia drapery with the substantial puddle and voluminous weight, again, done by Top of the Line. This fabric was a no brainer for me. My dining room chairs, covered in a jet black velvet from Donghia with high-domed, gold nail head detail, were my old kitchen chairs transformed into the very substantial, more formal chairs. Again, this work was done by Top of the Line Drapery in Stamford.

In any kitchen, I like to keep it simple with crisp white or gray walls, glass tile and stainless steel for simplicity.  I have a 5’x5’ stainless steel mirror that accents all the handblown crystal light fixtures by Juliska. I purchased all of the pendant lights at the Juliska flagship store in Stamford. In the powder room downstairs, I chose a more masculine look with a heavily-textured, yet tailored, grass cloth and high gloss black moldings and mirror. In contrast, the master bath reflects a softer look with the Queen chair covered in a pleated silk by Romo, a crystal chandelier and a pearl metallic glaze on the walls and ceiling, which I did myself. The girls' room speaks for itself.  The walls and ceiling are painted in a timeless neutral dressed with dramatic pink taffeta drapery and simple white bedding. I added a touch of fun with the accent pillows on their beds and two petite zebra covered chairs against a wall of photos I have taken over the years. My master bedroom has been enhanced with a custom headboard and reupholstered love seat, both done in white ostrich and high-domed, gold nail head detail. Both of these pieces were done by Top of the Line in Stamford. Concluding one of my favorite rooms, the master bedroom is adorned with all white bedding and very dramatic gray silk drapery hanging on substantial and classic gold hardware. This project has been a labor of love over the many years we have lived here. As the years pass, there is a continual progression of new inspiration. No matter what the progression, my eye always seems to find the Old School Hollywood style.

Photography: Melani Lust Photography / Design + Styling: Drolet Interiors in Weston, Connecticut (917-886-8810 –