Silence that Squeaky Mattress in 6 Simple Steps
November 1, 2012
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If you ask me, there's almost nothing worse than a squeaky mattress. Especially when that mattress happens to be basically brand new. So rather than drive yourself nuts, try Diane Rixon's six tricks to a squeak-free nights sleep.
From Diane Rixon... Is a noisy mattress disturbing your ZZZ's? While those squeaks and creaks are mighty annoying, don't assume there's nothing you can do about them. There are, in fact, quite a few quick and easy tricks worth trying.

1. If your mattress is not a pillow-top, turn it over. Any improvement? If not, then:

2. Rotate the mattress (so that the foot end becomes the head end and vice versa). A change in weight distribution on the springs can make all the difference. Regular rotation is recommended anyway by mattress manufacturers, just to ensure even wear.

3. Place a flat, rigid object right underneath the offending mattress spring. A hardcover book or piece of plywood are good objects to try. The pressure will likely reduce, and maybe even eradicate, the squeaking.

4. Check that the mattress is exactly centered on the frame or box spring. Again, it's all about aiming for perfect weight distribution.

5. Could the noisiness be emanating from the bed frame, and not the mattress itself? If so, try tightening all the bolts and screws holding the frame together. A little WD-40 or a dab of petroleum jelly applied to the squeaky joint may help, too, as can a bit of soap or wax.

6. Think big picture. Could the cause be something less obvious, such as your bedroom floor? According to this Essortment how-to, uneven floorboards can cause bed or mattress squeaks. If you suspect your sloping floor is the culprit, try evening out your sleep surface using wooden blocks or adjustable bed risers under some or all of the bed's legs.


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