DIY Halloween Drip Candles
October 21, 2012
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Up next is a breakdown of three great DIYs we incorporated into our high glam Halloween Dinner Party. All easy, no fuss ways to gussy up an at home affair. A palette of white and black combined with the prettiest of pale peach set the stage for an elegant spread and with the addition of these three projects, the party had instant depth and sophistication. So gather up those empty wine bottles, pick up a few cans of spray paint and roll up those sleeves for some easy peasy crafting.


clear wine bottles
smaller clear bottles of a similar shape for variety (we got ours at AC Moore)
hot glue
taper candles
large pot

Instructions for the Wine Bottle Candle Holders:

Step 1: Remove the labels from your wine bottles — Fill your pot with hot water (It doesn't have to be boiling, just the temperature of a really hot bath). Fill your wine bottles with water (so they don't float to the top) and submerge in the pot. Soak for an hour. Remove, and peel off the labels. Some will slip right off, but the trickier ones may need a little scrubbing. Let dry.

Step 2: Break some of your candles in half or thirds, keeping some whole, so that you can have candles of various heights. Use your knife to cut down the wax on the bottom halves of the candles to reveal the wick.

Step 3: Press your candles into the necks of the bottles. If they are too wide, you may need to shave down the bottoms a little to fit. Put some hot glue in the rim of the bottle to secure the candle in place.

Step 4: Light the candles and let them melt a little for the finished look.