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October 14, 2012
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Jess Blazejewski is our resident crafting/ stylist extraordinaire and believe me, we thank our lucky stars that she has joined the team. Because not only is she sweet as can be but she has a million and one lovely ideas and DIY projects to share with you all. The kind of projects that are as easy as they are beautiful. This next DIY is maybe our favorite of the bunch. With an Apple Picking Picnic, what reigns Queen? The Picnic Basket of course and no basket is complete without plaid sleeves for holding all the goods. Each basket has two removable pockets to keep everything in place, one for the plate, and one for the utensils and napkin. But the best part? These babies are totally DIY and something you can pack up and enjoy for years to come.

Picnic Basket Supplies:

wooden apple basket (available from craft stores — ours were about 7 inches deep and 11 inches in diameter)
1/2 yard plaid fabric
1/2 yard canvas fabric
velcro tape (can be found at Home Depot)
white thread
sewing machine
plastic plate (7-inch diameter) and cup
To-Go Ware bamboo silverware
cloth napkin

Instructions for Picnic Baskets:

Step 1: Use your pencil and ruler to measure out two 8 x 7-inch rectangles on your canvas, and cut them out. Measure and cut out two 8.5 x 7.5-inch rectangles from your plaid fabric.

Step 2: Pin the plaid fabric pieces on the canvas pieces, folding under the extra 1/4-inch on each side to give you clean seam edge. Sew the border of these pieces about 1/8-inch from the edge.

Step 3: Measure and cut out two 8 x 5.5-inch rectangles in the plaid fabric to make the pockets. Pin a 1/4-inch border on one of the long sides of the rectangle, and sew about 1/8-inch from the edge.

Step 4: Pin these onto the rectangles you already made, with the hem you just made on top and the three un-hemmed sides along the edges of the sewn rectangle. Don't fold these under —  just match the cut edge to the edge of the sewn rectangles (this will give you some extra room for the plate and utensils to fit in the pockets). Sew along the border on the un-hemmed 3 sides of each. The pocket for the plate is done — just add a plate!

Step 5: For the utensil pocket, use a pin to mark 3.5 inches from the right edge, and 1.5 inches from that mark, and 1.5 inches from your second mark. Sew lines on the pocket at those three points to make the slots for each utensil and the napkin. Trim your threads, and that pocket is done.

Step 6: Cut your velcro tape into 8-inch sections and apply to the top edges of your pockets. Press your pockets into the sides of your baskets. Repeat for as many baskets as you need. Add your utensils, plate, cup and napkin, and you're ready to take lunch on the road!

And drum roll please... all that pinning and sewing gets turned into this little bundle of goodness.

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Picnic Photography: Rebecca Hansen Weddings / Styling and DIY Photography: Jess Blazejewski of Style Me Pretty