SMP at Home: DIY Gold Leaf Coasters
September 17, 2012
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We wanted to take a minute to show you all the gorgeousness that went down this last Sunday on SMP at Home. Because it's good. So, so good and full of so many beautiful tidbits that we couldn't possibly fit it into one day. If you missed it here is the inspiration for a gilded, sparkling, oh so pretty surprise party (part I, part II, part III) and the final result here. And today and tomorrow we'll be diving into a few of the DIY projects woven into the festivities. This beauty just might win the title of my most favorite DIY project ever, EVER and it has everything to do with that gold leaf. I think it's safe to say that we would cover every inch of our homes with gold and that goes for any and all parties as well. So when it came time to roll up our sleeves and put our gold loving tendencies to use, Gold Leaf Coasters became a reality. An easy as pie reality with a mega dose of chic.
Supplies Needed:

canvas fabric
gold leaf sheets (available at an arts & crafts store)
spray adhesive
mod podge in satin finish
sewing machine
neutral tone thread


1. Iron your canvas to get rid of any wrinkles.

2. Fold it in half so that you have 2 layers overlapping.

3. Use the ruler to draw a 4"x4" square on your canvas, and cut out the square from both layers at once to save time.

4. Sew both layers together with a neutral tone thread, leaving about a 1/4" border all around.

5. Spray adhesive on the areas where you would like to apply gold leaf (this doesn't have to be too specific). Make sure to do this on a piece of cardboard or other disposable workspace, and in a well-ventilated area. Let set for 30 seconds.

6. Use a piece of wax paper to remove a sheet of gold leaf and gently lay over the adhesive area. Use a clean, dry paintbrush to carefully press the gold leaf onto the canvas, and remove excess pieces of gold leaf.

7. Use the foambrush to gently spread mod podge over the gold leaf, paying special attention to the edges of the gold leaf. Let dry, and voila! You have your coaster. Repeat for as many coasters as you would like to make.
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Photography: Justin Marantz / Design: Abby Larson & Jess Blazejewski of Style Me Pretty