DIY Vanilla Sugar Favors from Kimbry Studios Photography
September 14, 2012
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We L.O.V.E a good DIY around these parts. And one that's impressive, yet easy? Well those move right up to the top of our "must try" list. Enter this cute as can be craft sent over to us by Kimbry Studios Photography. Anything in adorable little mini jars makes me embarrassingly giddy, so when you fill those jars with sweetness, wrap it up with a bow and put an fab tag on it - I'm totally smitten. Best part? It's easy peasy to make this all on your own...
Want to download a little favor tag that is equally adorable? We created a little template to make sure your favors are the cutest around! Happy downloading and DIY-ing! xoxo
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From Kimbry Studios Photography... I stumbled on a recipe for vanilla sugar, and I thought I'd share it as a wedding favor DIY! I love the wonderful smell of fresh vanilla. You can add it to your baked dishes, hot cocoa or sprinkled on fresh fruit. Vanilla beans do go bad, so make sure you eat it with in about six months or so. Enjoy!

You will need:

1 vanilla bean (any kind is fine)
Sugar (I used white, but I think raw would be great as well)
A large container
Favor jars, pretty ribbons + custom tags for decorating

1. Slice your vanilla bean down the center and scrape the tiny seeds out.
2. Mix as much pulp as you can get out of your bean with sugar in a large container. Throw in the used bean for added flavor. (Just don't eat it.) 
3. Allow a week or so for the flavors to blend.
4. Divide in your pretty little jars and enjoy! (You can pick up little specialty bottles at a craft store.)

Photography + Tutorial: Kimbry Studios Photography