DIY Chevron Candles
September 2, 2012
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Along with loads of pretty entertaining ideas from True Event comes this easy peasy DIY. And in terms of do-it-yourself projects, these chevron candles get the gold star. Not only do they look fabulous but they are crazy inexpensive without loosing that luxurious charm. In other words, these pretties are champagne taste on a beer budget and we wholeheartedly approve. Stick them on your mantel, next to your bed or of course, decorating the table at your next dinner party. Any and all scenarios work swimmingly. Thanks to Sarah True for sending along this lovely little project and to Suzanna March for capturing all the festivities. If you missed it, pore through the full gallery for more from the Wedding Crush Event. Happy crafting my sweets. xoxo

Glass vase
Painter’s tape
Razor blade
Frosted glass spray (I used Rust-Oleum Specialty Frosted glass Semi Transparent finish)
1. Wash and dry glass vases
2. Cut and tape blue painters tape in a chevron pattern starting at the bottom of the glass.
3. Fill glass with newspaper.
4. Spray three coats of the Frosted glass spray
5. Let dry for ten mins
6. Remove tape and see your amazing chevron striped candle holders!

Photography: Suzanna March Photography / Styling: Sarah True of True Event