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DIY Crown Favor Bags
August 26, 2012
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So whenever I'm asked the question, "what's the easiest way to design a party with style on a budget?" my answer is always the same. Go and get yourself a brand. A party logo. Which can come in the form of a monogram, a distinctive color palette or a fun icon. Then thread that little piece of pretty into everything you can think of and voila. Instant cohesion among a chaos. For Audrey's birthday party, I settled on a sweet golden crown that I hand-painted with a glitter + glue combo (which is crazy because I'm not an artsy kind of mama) onto a handful of fun details. Namely, some simple cotton sacks and cute lunch bags filled with popcorn.

Muslin bags / brown paper bags / anything else!
Various sized paint brushes (depending on your art work)
Extra Fine Gold Glitter (I like the Martha variety)
Modge Podge
Small Bowl
Stir Stick (popcycle stick works great)

1. Using your pencil, faintly sketch the icon that you want to use directly onto your bag. I did a crown because it was crazy easy (see above) but you could use a stencil to draw just about anything.
2. In your small bowl mix 1 part glitter with 1 part glue. The glue binds the glitter together so that you don't have a glitter mess on your hands every time you touch your newly glittered bag.
3. Using your paintbrushes, fill in your artwork with the glitter + glue combination. Let dry for 24 hours (probably don't need that long but better to be safe).

You can literally glitter anything with a bit of modge podge mixed in. Like anything. Shoes, iphone covers, vases, anything. It's the new peanut butter to jelly combo that I happened to have fallen for like nobody's business.
We tattooed the glitter crowns to various bags and vessels for the party, then used the left over to gussy up a simple burlap table runner by messily applying it in lines along the sides. The result felt expensive but laid back and was all together lovely.