DIY Balloon Invitations
August 26, 2012
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For anyone's standards, my daughter's fourth birthday was a smashing success. And while it looked like a ton of work, I decided early on that any do-it-yourself projects would be fun and super easy (and would ideally be able to transition into our home after the confetti was thrown). The first project was inspired by these invitations that I spotted online and I put our own pink spin on them. See below for your own free template!
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photos by Kari Herer

Okay, so for those of you that have the straight from the gutter minds that I mentioned in the earlier post, I've changed the langage on the invitations to read "Blow It Up" instead of "Blow Me Up" for obvious reasons. Before you begin, you need to order your custom party balloon from Fast Balloons, which takes about 2-3 days for delivery.

Click here to download the pink template / Click here to download the blue template

8.5 x 11 Cardstock like this one from Paper Source
Paper Cutter (or scissors and a steady hand)
Hole Punch
Gold Ribbon
Pre-printed Balloons from
Color Printer


1. Download and print this template (or this one for blue) on your 8.5 x 11" card stock. Cut each card out.
2. Punch a hole in each of the designated spots.
3. Coming up from the back, thread one side of the ribbon through hole, then the other side through the opposite hole again coming up through the back.
4. Place your balloon on the front so that the ribbon is hugging the top of the balloon on either side. Tie a snug knot or a pretty bow so that the balloon is held in place securely.
5. Added style tip...we lined our envelopes with pink paper, placed each card inside then sprinkled them with gold sequins.

More Do-It-Yourself coming up in just a bit!