Encaustic Photo Workshop by Elizabeth Messina + Leah MacDonald
August 7, 2012
We recently had the chance to sneak behind the Elizabeth Messina curtain of awesome and sit in on her Lovely workshop (appropriately titled might I add). It was filled to the brim with gorgeous details, crazy talented attendees and Elizabeth, who is a wealth of photography know-how and one of the coolest people on the planet <-- good combo. She also has amazingly talented friends. One of them being Leah MacDonald, founder of Bliss Books,who taught an incredible Encaustic Photo Class during the Lovely Workshop. It's a beautiful art application that you almost have to see to believe. Using Elizabeth's images, students were taught a method of applying beeswax to the surface of photos and the result is crazy gorgeous. See it all right here and be sure to check out Bliss Books for even more on turning your wedding photographs into Encaustic art. Sit tight and we'll be back in a bit with a pretty, pretty shoot from the Lovely Workshop and a giveaway <-- also a good combo.
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From Leah MacDonald of Bliss Books... Encaustic photos combine photography with the ancient art of painting using beeswax and pigments in a layering technique that embellishes the surface and lends a painterly effect to imagery. There is a delicious sweet scent, a soft touch and a lovely feel to beeswax-infused photos. These elements make mixed media photos irresistible for cards, artworks and album covers. Every bride wants to be unique and have something personal and precious to keep as a memory of their wedding. My mixed media process brings art and photography together in a union of elegance and creativity. I can take any photo and transform it into an original artwork by painting organic beeswax onto the photo and accenting the surface with oil paints. I can add more color, metallics or pastels to the existing beauty of imagery. Creating surface and texture on top of the photo adds a very enticing beauty and originality to the photo. Encaustic photographs make breathtaking gifts or personal pieces for brides and grooms to decorate their homes and experience the joys of art.

Photography: Elizabeth Messina / Printing + Technique: Leah MacDonald of Bliss Books