DIY Painted Heels & Magazine Love
June 26, 2012
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We're still celebrating all things magazine and the layer upon layer of fashion inspiration tucked inside. Including five of the cutest, easiest, no-harder-than-a-glue-gun DIY projects a style obsessed girl could ever wish for. Five little gems that anyone can do, on any budget, that will make your wedding look feel fresh and fabulous and most of all, fun. But we thought we could take it one step further with a few bonus projects for your crafting pleasure. The first was a super duper easy headpiece that we created last week and next up, is a set of painted pumps. Totally and completely stolen from one of our fav blogs ever Green Wedding Shoes...because we loved it so much.

Inspired by THESE beauties we saw on Pinterest via the fab girls at Green Wedding Shoes, we thought they were the perfect addition to our style fabulous DIY projects. Mainly because we just wanted to try them for ourselves with a pair of extra pumps we had and also because they take nothing more than a paint brush & some tape. Just make sure you check out the magazine for the five sparkliest projects before you head on out to get your hands dirty!

Photography: Justin & Mary Marantz