DIY Ribbon Wands and Fabric Yo-Yo's
July 7, 2010
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Since I write a wedding blog for a living, the easiest way to come up with ideas for our DIY projects (which every wedding should have) was to scour our own archives! We have some of the coolest stuff tucked inside our DIY category, so finding inspiration was beyond easy. And although it looks like an incredibly lavish wedding, we found a MILLION ways to cut costs and to stay within our budget. Take for example our linens. Rather than purchasing expensive table linens, we chose to highlight ONE element...the ruffled chairs...and rather "gussy" up the plain white and gray linens that we ordered. With fabric Yo-Yo's, the super cute DIY project that the girls at Posh Paperie taught us, we turned boring white cloth into something really gorgeous!

diy yo-yos

photo by Justin and Mary Marantz...HUGE thanks to Sarah True and team for making these!

Okay, you want to start by picking out the fabric in your color of choice. We used a silk satin but a dupioni would be gorgeous. For a more organic look, you could use muslin or even burlap. You will need matching thread and a pair of scissors. You’ll need to cut out various sizes of circles. Each circle will be a different flower.

1: Sew around the edges of the circle.This creates a pull or a “rouche” on the edges.

2: Continue to sew around the edges.. making the flower start to take shape by allowing a half circle to form.

3: Continue sewing to finish the radius of the circle.

4: Knot the thread and cut the excess thread.

5: Create various different sizes.


Elizabeth and Karrie at Posh Paperie are always inspiring to us and to be able to use their ideas in our own SMP wedding was so much fun. The next Posh project that we tackled were ribbon wands, a fun DIY that we haven't yet debuted on the site. Here's the INSANELY easy step-by-step (and by easy, I mean that it literally took me an hour to do make all 75 of them). We, of course, used a variety of pink satin ribbon rather than the color palette seen here. Libby and Patrick's guests waved them as the cute couple left the church. It was a GREAT photo opp.

ribbon wand

ribbon wands

the photographs are all by the lovely Jackie Wonders

To start, you'll need 12" dowels (1/4" thick), 2" wide ribbon cut to 30" and some double sided tape. We used Scotch but the girls at Posh recommend red tape. From there, all you need to do is place a piece of tape width wise at the top of the ribbon. Place the first inch of your dowel on top of the tape, then wrap the end of the ribbon around the dowel. Voila! Ribbon wand perfection.

COMING UP NEXT...A stationery DIY you won't want to miss!