DIY Keep Warm Blankets
July 7, 2010
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Even though Libby and Patrick's wedding was in the late Spring, because it was on a rooftop garden, the temp could get pretty chilly. So we found some simple, white blankets at IKEA for $3.99 and adorned them with cute tags and pink ribbon. Instant adorableness without making much of a ding in our wallets. This is the easiest DIY on the planet and we've provided templates to make it even easier!

keep warm tags

photo by Justin & Mary Marantz

To make our Keep Warm Chevron Print tags, download this template. Using a color printer and 80lb white card stock, print out as many sheets as needed. Cut just inside the light gray lines and punch two small holes at the top left corner of your card. Wrap your ribbon (we used 1" grosgrain) around your blanket then thread the ribbon through the holes from the backside of the card, forward. Tie in a cute bow and voila!

We stacked our blankets in groups of threes around the lounge areas of the reception space.


Color Options. We've done templates in a small handful of other colors. Click here for yellow, here for sky blue, here for orange, here for navy blue, here for kelly green. These are the only colors that we will do unless there is an overwhelming request for another hue.