DIY Flower Bracelets
July 7, 2010
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One of the other SUPER cute DIY flower projects that we did was the bracelet that Libby's mother wore. A single stem wrapped sweetly around her wrist. It turned out so completely adorable and is a pretty simple, straightforward project to take on. Particularly when it comes to DIY flowers! We have both the pictorial instructions that Justin and Mary captured, as well as the video that Elysium there is something for everyone's learning styles. Thanks so much to Sarah True and Chase Rivers for dreaming up this little beauty.

diy flower bracelet

OK. Now for the step-by-steps. We've included more pictures than are necessary just so that you can get a clear sense of how to craft these bracelets. You can really choose any hearty stem to use on can even make it more elaborate by adding 2-3 flowers. They make for a perfect flower girl accessory or a mother-of-the-bride detail.

diy flower bracelets

diy flower bracelet

Flower of your choice
Copper Wire (one thick, one thin gauge)
Floral Tape
Hot Glue Gun

1. Begin by taking copper wire and using pliers snip the wire to the desired length. Use the pliers to bend in the ends so that they are not sharp and wrap the wire with floral tape.

2. Next, wire your flower/s. To wire the flower select a thinner gauge wire so that you can get it through the throat of the flower. You want to form a hook on the end of the wire as you thread it through the center.

3. Cut the stem and the wire to approximately 1 inch in length. Wrap florist tape around the stem and the wire together. Start at the top and pull the tape while you twirl the stem. It should cover the stem and wire evenly and smoothly. Cut the tape and press against the stem so that it sticks.

4. Once you have the flower/s wired you can begin to attach them to your copper wire by twisting the wire around the bracelet.

5. After the flower/s are attached to the copper wire, begin to wrap ribbon around the bracelet to cover all of the tape and to secure your blooms. You can use a hot glue gun to secure the ribbon.

Easy as pie, right? Well, if you still need a little extra help, Julie over at Elysium sent us a video of the DIY project so that your project is super seamless. Here you go!

LOTS more DIY projects coming up next!!