DIY Ice Cream in a Jar by City Cradle Design
June 14, 2010
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As summer sets upon us and the days start to heat up, what better way to keep your guests cool than with the most adorable ice cream in a jar favors? Lucky you, City Cradle Design has stopped by to share the easy breezy directions for these little jars of goodness. I scream, you scream...


Downloads - One large label for the front of the jar and two side labels. One side label is blank to be personalized and the second is directions for your guests to make their own ice cream.
Glass mason jar (mine are from Ikea)
Small zip-lock plastic bags
Half & half individual packets
Rock salt
Sugar & Vanilla powder

*Your guests will only have to add ice (which will make this an easy late night treat for many staying at a hotel)


1) Print out the labels for your jars, cut out and personalize the side label to say what you would like to your guests
2) Pour 1 cup rock salt into the bottom of each jar
3) Pour 1 tablespoon sugar & 1 teaspoon vanilla powder into a small (quart size) zip-lock bag and seal


4) Combine the bag of powder and 8 of the half and half packets in each jar
5) Tie on your front label with twine
6)Tie on your side labels with ribbon for your guests


Yes, indeed, we all scream for ice cream. These are way too cute and so perfect not only for wedding favors but bridal showers, birthdays...we could go on and on. Thanks to City Cradle Design for this awesome DIY project and to the lovely Jackie Wonders for taking all the pretty pictures. Now let's go make some ice cream!