DIY Pinwheels
December 22, 2009
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We have a fun little joint feature with Jen at the Hostess Blog coming up next. The adorable and completely talented photographers Kari Herer and Christina Wnek, along with stationery Pam Albert of Papier Gourmet, sent us one of the most lovely showers you've ever seen and while Jenn is featuring the full bash over on her blog, we get to give you the SUPER cute DIY project that the trio put together just for us!

diy pinwheels

I love this project and am so excited to see some of you guys pull it together for your own affair. Change up the papers and the color palette and you'll have a totally different look. Would even be super cute decorating your holiday tables this year! So, without futher it is!

DIY pinwheels

DIY pinwheels

DIY pinwheels

To see the entire, adorable affair, head on over to Hostess Blog right now! A HUGE thank you to Kari, Christina and Pam for sharing this with us! And although the instructions and supplies are printed on the gorgeous imagery, here is a quick reference materials list for all of you who are running out to Michael's right now.

Materials list

template, which can be found right here

12 inch Wooden Dowels - Drilled about 1/2 inch down on one end. The drilled hole should be the same diameter as the Wooden Tie Pegs
Wooden Tie Pegs {we found ours at Michael's
Drill and Drill bit the size of the Tie Pegs
We printed our paper double sided to match the colors of our shower as well as added our tag line on one of the petals
Grommet tool
Large Grommets
Wood Glue
Hole Punch
Wood Saw