DIY Gift Wrap by Grey Likes Weddings
December 16, 2009
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As promised, here is the most incredible gift wrap diy project E-V-E-R, carefully crafted by the fabulous Summer Watkins over at Grey Likes Weddings. We have been blown away by today's gorgeousness here on SMP and owe it all to Summer's spot on style and craft savvy. Thanks so much Summer...we heart you big time.


So the DIY is for the center row image on the left, the adorable fabric pom. It's SO freaking cute, I only wish I had thought of it myself. Plus, it's like...ridiculously easy. Here's the goods:


1-2 yards of ribbon in various tones, about 2"-3" in width
Miscellaneous material, such as burlap, knit sweaters, etc...

ribbon pom diy

1. Cut several pieces of ribbon in 3"-5" increments, depending upon desired size of your finished pom. Do the same with material, sweaters and burlap.

2. Make a large stack, alternating each color and type of material. Using your twine, tie a very tight knot around the center of the entire stack.

diy holiday gift

3. Cut your ribbon into smaller strips, keeping the center uncut. Separate and pull strips apart to make your completed pom!

diy holiday gift

images by Jenny Liu

Ring a ding ding! Just might be my favorite DIY project to date. A huge, humongous, holy-cow thank you to Summer Watkins at Grey Likes Weddings. Summer is super talented and I am keeping my fingers crossed that she'll share more of her goodness in the future! Make sure to check out Grey Likes Weddings for more DIY projects and inspirations.