Homemade Pie Favors
November 5, 2009
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Okay! Now on to the pies themselves. This was probably the easiest thing that I have ever done and coming from the world's worst baker (I swear, I'm not exaggerating)...that really says a lot. I fully admit that I cheated and bought pre-made pie dough. For one round, I made the filling myself but then I discovered that they actually make pre-made pie filling, so you know I jumped right on that bandwagon. Sad, I know. But they turned out so stinking cute, who cares!

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Pie Dough (pre-made or homemade)
Pie Filling (we went with Cherry, starting with this recipe then using the pre-made stuff instead)
Disposable Mini Pie Tins
Red and Pink String (or whatever color you want)
Bamboo Spoons from Green Feet
White Bakery Boxes (6" found at Michaels)
Red cocktail napkins (or whatever color you want)
Pie Tags by Grapevine Invitations


1. Make your mini pies. Leaving this part totally up to you! For cheaters even bigger than me, I spotted some cute mini pies at the grocery store over the weekend.

2. Using both colors of your string, wrap the pies like a package, tying your spoon onto the top and making a cute little bow.

3. Tuck your unfolded napkin inside your bakery box, then place the pie on top. You can either slide the tag right inside so that it's a complete "look" when your guests open it OR you can use more string to tie up your bakery box threading your tag on to your string before you tie the knot.