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The Ultimate Guide for a Pinterest-Worthy Wedding Bouquet

Designing your wedding bouquet is just as important as picking out your wedding dress or finding the perfect pair of pumps to match! There are so many elements to creating your dream bouquet – so lucky for us, our girl Christy from Colonial House of Flowers is sharing the ultimate guide to a Pinterest-worthy bouquet! If that wasn’t exciting enough, we’re also sharing this gorgeous shoot from Colonial House of Flowers, Holly Diana Floral and Katrina Barrow Photography that will surely be the prettiest thing you’ve seen all day (ok, more like all week…)

From Colonial HouseFlowers are my strong suit and helping others is my love, so when Holly Diana Floral asked me to give a Private 1 Day Workshop I couldn’t resist. Holly is young and passionate and opening her own flower shop in McRae, Georgia this December. How strong and perfect is that?! As it turns out, this is Holly’s very first editorial shoot, first time on film. Her cousin is even the model – and with all the emotions and love in the room it is just perfect.

The flower recipe I created especially for Holly’s Pinterest worthy bouquet included all the things she loves – especially the color pink! Foraged Pampas grass and garden clippings plus blushing bride protea, garden roses, ranunculus, snowberries, and good ol’ Lisanthus. You won’t believe that it was a family affair, but Holly even brought her Mom along. If you are looking for the epitome of a Georgia celebration, look no further than this monochromatic bouquet tied with hand spun silk ribbon.

It’s aways great to collaborate with creatives but especially a brand NEW one like Holly Diana Floral. More, it’s inspiring to see the leaders in the room – the photographer, the make up artist, the dress shop really bring their A game and show a newbie how it’s done. This episode gives me great love of our industry and all the kindness that lives here and is shared. We wanted to create a bouquet for Holly’s portfolio that is etherial, timeless, loose, natural, organic and classic. We wanted the editorial to really reflect who she is and get her career off to a great start – full of of love and beautiful blooms. We collected, took notes, processed, researched and shared so much that day… And the editorial portion of the private meeting exudes all of that… All that she learned is in there. And, most importantly the gift of friendships and mentors and guidance and nice people. Kindness matters for the growth and strength of our industry.


1. Choose flowers you love. The truth is, every flower is beautiful, so it can feel like an impossible feat to decide which flowers to use in your wedding bouquet! Don’t get caught up in using a flower that’s trendy at the moment or get stuck with idea that you can only choose a few – let your bouquet represent the flowers that you love with your whole heart, as many as that may be!

2. Consider shapes. When creating your wedding bouquet, it’s important to consider the shape of the flowers and the bouquet itself. If you’re going for an organic, asymmetrical bouquet – consider using spray roses, ranunculus and a mixture of leafy greens. If a formal round bouquet is more your style, stick to a single type of flower like roses or peonies. 

3. Consider the movement of the bouquet. Everyone knows a good Pinterest-worthy bouquet has that extra element of movement. Choose dainty long stem flowers to float or dance throughout the arrangement, you won’t believe how much it will transform the look of your bouquet with a major dose of beauty!

4. Make it meaningful. Is there a certain flower that your fiancé gave to you on your first date? What about a native flower from the spot where you got engaged? Choose blooms from places or times in your life that are special to the two of you. You can even consider flowers from your yard, like the pampas grass that Colonial House of Flowers and Holly Diana Floral used in this editorial shoot!

5. Choose a base color. Even though you can totally play with many different types of flowers, it’s best to choose one tone like pink to work with as your base for an elegant and artistic look.

6. Remember – imperfection is beautiful! Allow yourself the freedom to be rebellious and free to naturally use new flowers or new techniques. Remember it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful! Relax. And, make the wedding bouquet of your dreams!

Above all,  flower recipes need three things:
1. Meaning
2. Texture & Variety
3. Story

The ingredient list below has all three and more that combine to make the greatest final treat that will be savored for years to come thanks to the beautiful film photography of Katrina Barrow Photography.

Anemone Magenta
Bouvardia Pink
Dahlia Ball Hot Pink
Dahlia Blush
Dianthus Gypsy
Lisianthus Blush
Nerine Hot Pink
Phlox Pink
dutch bright eyes
Ranunculus Clooney Hanoi Light Pink
Ranunculus Dark Pink
Ranunculus Pink
Rose Garden Bridal Piano Pink
Rose Madre La Pearla
Spray Rose Garden Moonstone Blush
Spray Rose Garden Topaz Gem Hot Pink
Tulip Frilly Edge Pink
Veronica Pink
Yarrow Cottage Pink
Pampas Grass

Photography: Katrina Barrow Photography | Floral Design: Holly Diana Floral | Dress: Bleu Belle Bridal | Make Up : MyBlushing Brides | Hair: Brianna Adams | Floral Direction: Colonial House of Flowers, Est. 1968 | Flower Source: Mayesh Wholesale Florist | Roses: Rosaprima | Tulips: American Grown Flowers

6 Perfect Places to Incorporate Texture to Your Minimalistic Wedding

If you consider yourself a bride who likes to air on the side of simple, light and minimalistic – we’re big fans. But there lies an often overlooked element that can give your understated wedding vision a major upgrade. Incorporating texture in your wedding is so significant because it keeps your minimalistic dreams safe, while also achieving that “wow” factor! Today we’re sharing a gorgeous shoot that encompasses just that. The creative geniuses behind this design include coordination by RSVP Events, floral perfection from Nicole Chapman Design, and photography by Tenth & Grace. Find out 6 tips for adding texture to your wedding style below!

There are so many points of inspiration for a wedding, and while we talk about colors and florals and other details – we can’t forget texture and how much visual interest it can add to your wedding day! This editorial designed by RSVP Events incorporated texture in a variety of different forms.

The Alexandra Grecco gowns included texture in two forms – a blush dress covered in delicate embroidery and a sleek white number with flutter sleeves. Both options incorporate texture in different ways and both are absolutely stunning! The jewelry by Jennifer Behr and textured hairstyle by Erin Ryser are additional examples of how brides can add texture to their big day.

For the floral design, Nicole Chapman Design went all in on the texture. She crafted bouquets and centerpieces full of different types of blooms, so they were big on texture without resorting to greenery. Tessa Pinner followed a similar route with a cake that was crafted with small and large embellishments to add a ton of visual interest. 


1. Dress. One of our personal favorite places to add a bit of texture to your wedding day is surprisingly unrelated to your décor – it’s actually your wedding dress! There are so many beautiful wedding dress designs that really turn up the texture and transform into works of art. From ethereal 3D applique, to intricate beading, to soft feathers… the possibilities are truly endless. Shopping for your wedding dress can be a little overwhelming, so keeping in mind the texture of the dress might be a great way to narrow down your search.

2. Flowers. Incorporating an element of texture into your floral arrangements will make them stand out and bring that “wow” factor to an already beautiful bouquet. Don’t be afraid to be bold – experiment with the idea of adding unique, non-traditional flowers to your arrangements. Talk to your florist about the various options you may have while staying true to the overall look and feel of your wedding day. A few of our favorite additions include: ranunculus, waxflowers and dusty miller.

3. Cake. A surefire way to make your wedding cake almost too pretty to eat is adding texture to the design. Ruffles edged in gold, a buttercream petal effect, raised piping, and watercolor paint strokes are all amazing ways to make a statement with your wedding cake. Textured cakes can come in various shapes and sizes, so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect fit for your personal style.

4. Linens. What’s the easiest way to make your tablescape look way more expensive than it actually is? Textured linens. Trust us, you won’t believe the difference it can make to an otherwise simple table design. Think subtle sequins, romantic velvet, or feminine tulle. Linens are such a crucial element to your tablescape because they really pull everything together – get inspired by elements from your floral arrangement, votives, or place cards, so the details come together in a seamless fashion.

5. Hairstyle. The most fun way to play with texture on your wedding day is, of course – your hairstyle! It’s impossible to deny the romance of a soft bridal braid or the effortless elegance of a low, messy bun. Whether you’re blonde or brunette, have short hair or long locks… textured hairstyles are beautiful from every angle and can flatter any hair type. Enjoy the process and go with the, ahem… flow!

6. Stationery. Your save the date and invitation are among the first few components of your wedding that guests receive – make sure they’re a great representation of how your wedding will look and feel. For example, thick parchment paper with torn edges, metallic gold calligraphy and a custom wax seal make for a romantic feel. We love the idea of playing on the five senses – so not only will textured invitations give your guests a beautiful visual element, but they also offer an enhanced element of touch.

Photography: Tanya Menoni | Floral Design: Nicole Chapman Design | Cake: Tessa Pinner | Shoes: Bella Belle | Hair and Makeup: Erin Ryser | Wedding Venue: Swan House | Bridal Accessories: jennifer behr | Creative Direction: RSVP Events | Gown Designer: Alexandra Grecco | Gowns: Kelly's Closet | Paper Goods: Shasta Bell Calligraphy | Rentals: Blue Eyed Yonder | Ribbons and textiles: Silk Willow | Ring and Ring Box: Rough Luxe Fine Jewelry

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When it Comes to Love, This is What Really Matters

Today is National Grandparent’s Day. Which is sort of a mixed bag of emotion. Why do we need a day to celebrate the best part of our world? And yet as life gets busier and busier, a day like today is also a simple reminder that we need to slow down, to sit alongside family, to open our hearts to the life well lived of the people who came before us and learn from the lessons that only that life well lived can teach. Today, we have the most beautiful love story – a marriage of 55 years, a love that began with one bridesmaid and a borrowed dress – with photographs by the lovely, lovely Hannah Forsberg. And a lesson that after all of the gifts have been opened, the kisses kissed and the hugs hugged…it’s the marriage that matters most.

From Hannah Forsberg… In a culture that often treats love and marriage as disposable, Judi and Dave are a couple that have a beautiful and rare story of just the opposite. Not only are they such a joy to be around and wonderful mentors, but they are also dear friends. I’ve had the privilege of watching their marriage for years and the way they love each other unconditionally is an inspiration and testament to the popular verse that is so often recited during weddings from 1 Corinthians 13:8 which says, “Love never fails”.

While getting coffee with Judi and hearing her advice on love and marriage, I realized that I needed to share their story with the world. During the wedding planning process, it is so easy in this visually-driven society we live in to become caught up in the things that will pass away – forgetting that your marriage is what matters most and that it is hard work. Love goes beyond the wedding day. You only have your venue for a few hours, your flowers will fade, your wedding dress will go into storage, and your wedding album will be sitting on your living room table. But your marriage? That is what matters most and that is what will have the lasting effect. I hope that these images serve as a reminder that love is a commitment – a commitment of humility, patience, and forgiveness. I hope that that these images inspire you to remember that love is walking hand in-hand together, growing, learning, and striving – that yes, while it is still hard work, true love exists.

Judi and Dave’s joy is infectious and they spent this afternoon wrapped up into each other, whispering secrets and telling stories.  I was left without words after spending that day with them, in awe of how tender and infatuated they are with each other. When Judi walked out in her gorgeous outfit, gorgeous Ginger Rose bouquet, and all made up by Erin Ryser, Dave said: “Wow, will you marry me all over again?” My heart melted. There were so many other moments like this, where he helped her out down a flight of stairs and continuously opening doors for her and knowing just what to say to make her laugh. It’s the days like these where I am left overwhelmed by the fact that it is such a privilege to be a photographer and reminded that it is because of love and stories like this that I became a photographer in the first place.

From Dave, the groom… Judi and I met in Cheyenne, Wyoming where I was serving in the Air Force and where Judi was attending Stewardess Training for United Airlines. I was from Indiana and Judi grew up in Illinois, so we had the mid-west in common. It was a short 4 ½ weeks of getting to know one another and in that short time together, we fell in love and promised to marry each other. The only obstacle was I had an overseas commitment left in my tour of duty.  I was sent to Puerto Rico and we began writing letters to each other every day for the next two years until I finished my tour of duty. After I was able to obtain leave of service, we became engaged over a New Year’s weekend on January 1st 1963 at 12:01am. We married that same year in September after I was discharged.

What was important to both of us was to be together after waiting and being separated by distance for almost 2 years. We had hardly any money so our wedding day was very simple. We loved each other and that is what mattered. Our wedding was one bridesmaid, a borrowed wedding dress, and one best man in a church in Judi’s home town of Downers Grove, Illinois.

My favorite thing about Judi is that she loves learning and is very diligent in her pursuits. She makes wise choices with her gift of creativity, which is shown in every room in our home.  She is always industrious and I love telling others how much of a Proverbs 31 woman she has become in our almost 55 years of marriage. She works hard; plans ahead; respects me greatly; is a wise counselor; and is a wonderful model of a Godly woman.

From Judi, the bride… What I love about Dave is that He is a patient man, asks good questions, is not a rash decision maker. I have learned a lot from him. He is conservative by nature, orderly and thorough at everything he does.  I trust him implicitly.  He is kind and generous and has given me a lot of freedom to develop my interests without demanding anything from me.  Of course, this causes me to want to serve and love him more. The most honest thing that I can say about love is that love is learned behavior.  It can be romantic, but often is just living and serving each other, working together toward healthy living with family, children, parents, in-laws etc. The biggest thing I’ve learned over the years and advise other couples is to accept each other and don’t try to change the person.  Pray for your spouse, ask God to make changes in YOU, and let God move your spouse’s heart.

Photography: Hannah Forsberg | Florist: Ginger Rose | Cake: Gingerspice Bakery | Hair & Makeup: Erin Ryser | Calligraphy: Morphosis Studio | Film Lab: The Find Lab | Lace Top: BHLDN

This Atlanta Ballroom Wedding Has a First Look That Will Make You Melt

This ballroom wedding held at Atlanta’s Georgian Terrace is gorgeous all on its own but cut to the first look and I swear you’ll be a goner. It’s the sweetest moment between the Bride and Groom. And that is followed by glamorous touches designed by My Simply Perfect, with florals by Stylish Stems and the most beautiful images captured by Elle Danielle.

What was your favorite moment about your wedding day? The first look… Definitely the first look. Summer knew ahead of time that this was the most important moment for me. And if there is one detail of that day that I remember vividly, it’s the first look. For those few minutes, it was just about the two of us.

Tell us about your dress. It was the first dress I tried on. I was convinced I wanted a princess style dress but when we got to the boutique, the staff convinced me to try on a straight dress. The first one they brought me was gorgeous and I was sure it was going to be too much but when I tried it on, I fell in love. 

I tried to talk myself out of it and tried on a few other dresses that day but a few hours later, I called and told them I wanted it. After all, I was the bride – when else was I going to get to feel like a princess?

What was your favorite decor element? Everything the florist did – the flowers, my bouquet, and the fabulous seat assignment board. Just stunning!!! Summer had a vision and I allowed her to run with it. Every single decor element was stunning. I couldn’t have asked for more.


Photography: Elle Danielle | Videography: T Miller Films | Floral Design: Stylish Stems | Cake: Frosted Pumpkin Gourmet, Inc. | Catering: Georgian Terrace | Makeup: 9 Shades By J | DJ: Dj Eclazz | Venue: Georgian Terrace | Photo Booth: ShutterBooth | Wedding Planner + Designer: Summer McClane - My Simply Perfect Event

When Savannah History Meets Miami Modern Wedding

From Josh Morehouse, Masi Events and Colonial House of Flowers…  Elsie and Alonso call Miami home, but decided to have an intimate destination wedding in historic Savannah, Georgia! Lucky for them, Elsie’s sister Jessica is the owner and designer of Masi Events. Elsie does acting on the side in Miami, and Alonso does film production. One day, they happened to be working on the same project and met on set. From what we’ve heard, there was an instant attraction from both…. 

From Josh Morehouse… On their wedding day, we were spared about 10 minutes for the first look and a few portraits before the rain came poring down. Although they were hoping to explore more of downtown Savannah, and even Wormsloe Plantation, the rain simply couldn’t dampen their mood. 

Some couples just have something special, and it was an absolute honor to photograph and be a part of their wedding day!

Photography: Josh Morehouse | Event Design: Masi Events | Floral Design: Colonial House of Flowers, Est. 1968 | Dress: Opera D'Arte | Wedding Cake: Vanilla and the Bean | Invitations: Bella Figura | Ceremony Venue: Soho South Cafe | Reception Venue: Garibaldis Cafe | Hair and Makeup : Bride's Side Beauty | Calligraphy : Tinta y Tierra | Groom's Attire: Calvin Klein | Photo Lab: Richard Photo Lab

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A Wedding at Georgian Hall in Athens with Southern Charm for Days

We have SUCH a special day planned on SMP! The lovely and talented Simply Sarah is taking over the blog and our instagram in one of the most beautiful little adventures we’ve ever featured, filled with stunning photography and pure, totally unabashed love. Our first Simply Sarah wedding is all about the Southern Charm and when I tell you that there are amazing lessons baked into every perfect detail, I’m hardly doing this wedding justice. So make sure to read alongside the gorgeous imagery (and stunning florals from Colonial House of Flowers) and you just might fall in love all over again.

From the Groom… Where to begin…I would say our love story starts with her smile. That’s what drew me in. Little did I know that smile was going to turn into my wife. I would see that smile from across the room and couldn’t help to smile back at her, knowing in my head one day she’s going to be all mine! Fast forward to six years later and being engaged…I know it is all cliché to call her my best friend, but there is no one in my life that comes close to the bond we have between each other. Every day I look forward to her coming home from work. As soon as she walks in we smile at each other and hug for about 4mins and then get in our comfy clothes and relax.

From the Bride… He’s my best friend, my biggest supporter, and the greatest love I could have ever hoped for. He is always waiting with a smile and open arms when I walk into the door at the end of the day and it’s the best feeling in the world when he holds me like he hasn’t just seen me that morning! His kindness, devotion to our relationship, and fun spirited nature are only at the surface of the reasons why I love him.

When we first started planning our wedding we knew we wanted to get married in Athens, GA because it’s where we met, fell in love, and started our relationship. I fell in love with The Hill from the moment I saw it – the Hill is a venue tucked away on the outskirts of Athens that is a collection of gorgeous antebellum and 20th century homes that have been moved to the property and restored. The homes sit among lush landscapes and gardens. Behind one of the homes there is a sunken garden surrounded by low brick walls, with iron gates on both ends, shaded by trees overhead where our ceremony was held. It’s so dreamy! Our reception was held in downtown Athens at the Georgian Hall, a ballroom of a former hotel that served as the “social focal point” for Athens and surrounding areas for much of the 20th century. It’s new renovation is just beautiful with original restored art deco flooring, two large arch oak doors in the center of the space, marble and white pillars, and tons of natural light from the floor to ceiling arch windows.

I’ve always said I wanted it to rain on my wedding day… seriously. It rained on my grandparents wedding day and I’ve always heard from my Grandma Marilyn how the rain was lucky! The forecast for our day was pretty much 100% chance of rain all day. We planned an outdoor ceremony with absolutely no rain plan other than a bunch of umbrellas! Thanks to a lot of prayers to my Grandpa Ernie the rain held off for a majority of the morning. Right before the ceremony it started raining pretty hard and I was sitting in the car with my dad waiting to walk down the aisle. Right when I got out of the car and started to walk across the bridge to the ceremony the rain stopped.

It was so special to have my sweet dad walk me down the aisle looking at the love of my life. Ben and I made a last minute decision to read our vows at the ceremony. We took a moment during our ceremony to look back and our guest. The rainy garden made for such an intimate setting and it was so special to share those moments with all our loved ones.

Our two venues are filled with southern charm. I wanted to bring a timeless look into the two spaces incorporating soft neutrals, elegant touches, and a classic style. My hope was that the ceremony felt intimate and relaxed followed by a festive celebration with all of our favorite people! Our wedding day was an absolute dream from start to finish. It makes me tear up just thinking about how perfect it was! The day was filled with so much love and we couldn’t be more grateful for everyone that played a part.


I went into our wedding 100% confident about our wedding photography. When photography is one of your top priorities for your wedding that’s saying A LOT! We had the pleasure of doing our engagement session with Sarah the year before our wedding. She was so easy to work with and puts you at ease right away. I would highly recommend doing an engagement shoot with her to get to know her, see how she works, and to get comfortable behind the camera! We were both a little nervous about being photographed and by doing an engagement shoot neither of us had any apprehension going into the wedding day.

Sarah’s work speaks for itself. It’s effortless, timeless, and genuine. She’s as much an incredible photographer as she is a joy to have around. We learned from our engagement shoot how efficient she is and boy is that helpful on a wedding day when you’ve got so much packed into that one day! We were able to actually enjoy the day, time with each other, and loved ones without feeling like it was just a full day photo shoot. After it’s all said and done photography is the one thing you actually get to take away from your wedding day and in my opinion that makes it priceless. It was an honor to have Sarah behind the lens captured the moments that we’ll cherish for a lifetime. Sarah, I admire you as a photographer and adore you as a friend! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being there on our most special day. Love, Katherine and Ben

Photography: Elizabeth Lanier Photography | Planner: Marilisa Schachinger | Florals: Colonial House of Flowers, Est. 1968 | Wedding Dress: Lihi Hod | Cake: Cecilias Cakes | Invitations: Marked | Ceremony: The Hill | Reception Venue: Georgian Hall | Bride's Shoes: Bella Belle | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Jenny Yoo | Catering: South Kitchen & Bar | Hair and Makeup: Jennifer C Nieman | Band: Fountain City Players | Groom's Attire: Joseph A. Bank | Live Painter: The Honest Brush | Processing & Development: PhotoVision Prints

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This Jekyll Island Wedding Is Giving Us Butterflies

When this couple first visited Crane Cottage, hundreds of butterflies were flitting about the property gardens. They couldn’t forget this magical scene, which ended up providing a beautiful bit of inspiration for their special day. Custom silk butterflies were tucked into the floral arrangements by Colonial House of Flowers, and a beautiful watercolored butterfly by Every Little Letter was incorporated into the stationery. Yes, it’s as enchanting as it sounds, so head into this gorgeous gallery photographed by Sarah Ingram.

When D.C. couple, Courtney and Chris, started planning their wedding, they knew a destination affair was the right move for them. The bride grew up in Florida and knew she wanted a coastal location where guests could really disconnect and treat the trip not only as a wedding weekend but a true getaway. Jekyll Island was a vacation spot for the groom growing up, so the couple decided to visit and see if it felt right for the wedding. The bride says, “We immediately fell in love after touring Crane Cottage for no more than 15 minutes. We both knew this would be it.” The southern charm along with the dreamy landscape including Spanish moss, historic architecture, and the ocean shore steps from the venue was an instant draw.

“I remember when we had initially visited Crane Cottage, that there were a ton of butterflies in the gardens. This stuck with me when I started to think about an underlying theme, and I ended up having custom silk butterflies made, which we sprinkled amongst the floral arrangements. We also had our invitation designer paint watercolor butterflies to weave into our crest on the Save the Dates,” Courtney says.

She also shares a sage piece of advice for other brides-to-be: “Someone told us to take a moment in the midst of everything with your significant other to stand back and take everything all in. I would say that was the most memorable moment of our day! Seeing friends and family all together in one place having a good time is very special.”



Photography: Sarah Ingram | Coordination: Jekyll Island Club Hotel | Floral Design: Colonial House of Flowers, Est. 1968 | Wedding Dress: Marchesa | Cake: Jekyll Island Club Hotel | Invitations: Every Little Letter | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Badgley Mischka | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Needle & Thread | Catering: Jekyll Island Club Hotel | Hair and Makeup: Emma Collins Beauty | Ceremony Music: Music By Pegge | Venue: Jekyll Island Club Hotel | Bride's Earrings: Mallarino | Film Lab: PhotoVision Prints | Film Lab: Goodman Film Lab

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This Piedmont Park Wedding Gets an A+ in Our Book

When tying the knot, these two teachers wanted to give their guests a taste of what Atlanta had to offer, so they started with a favorite piece by local artist, Britt Bass. From there, they chose the look for their colorful day, brought to life by Elizabeth Marie Weddings + Events. With the couple’s big smiles, the fabulous florals by Victory Blooms, and photographs that keep us coming back all day long captured by Amy Arrington, this Southern wedding at Piedmont Park gets and A+ in our book.


From the bride… We are both elementary school teachers. Josh and I met when I was moving into my classroom right before my first year of teaching. Another teacher in the building suggested Josh deliver some books to my classroom and introduce himself. So, Josh came by with some books, and we immediately hit it off. We would spend hours walking at the park near our school after work that fall, and two years later at that same park, Josh was down on one knee proposing!

We knew we wanted to get married in a park, and what better park in Atlanta than Piedmont Park? Josh’s family is from Michigan, so we wanted to give them a taste of Atlanta. Our welcome bags were filled with Atlanta goodies, and our accommodations were right in the heart of Midtown.

When planning our wedding, we were very intentional. Our ceremony alone totally reflected us as a couple. When thinking back, we always say, “That was so us!” We asked Josh’s brother, Chad, to perform our ceremony, had a friend read a poem about all of the things you learn in Kindergarten (Josh is a Kindergarten teacher!), and exchanged our own written vows.

My favorite local artist is Britt Bass, so we actually decided to use one of her paintings as our inspiration for all of the colors – lots of reds, pinks, berries, blues, and some hints of gold throughout. We even used the painting as the backdrop for the seating chart. We decided to give guests each a cookie from our favorite local bakery, The Patio, to say thank you. When it came to choosing a guest book, we chose one of our favorite children’s books, How The Grinch Stole Christmas. Our groom’s cake was actually a tower of donuts with Star Wars characters to top it.

My most special memory from the day was walking down the aisle to my groom. I will never forget the feeling I got when the doors opened, squeezing my dad’s arm extra tight while saying, “I love you,” and finally seeing Josh standing at the end of the aisle. We decided not to do a first look, so this was such a special moment for us.

My wedding band was actually custom made using nine of my grandmother’s diamonds. The diamonds were given to her from my grandfather in the form of a necklace. I also wore two pieces of jewelry from my other grandmother – a gorgeous vintage ring that my grandfather had given to her on their 25th wedding anniversary and a beautiful bracelet my dad had given her when I was born.

One of my favorite stories looking back is my dad’s speech right before our father daughter dance. My dad is typically a man of few words, but that night, he shared so many touching words about Josh’s and my relationship and becoming one family. It was beautiful. Of course, we were both too emotional after that to remember all of our practiced moves to our dance!

We absolutely love to dance. Our first dance was to the first song Josh ever sang to me while we were dating, Everything. Our last dance was to one of our favorite songs to dance to in the kitchen, La Vie En Rose. We couldn’t help looking around while we were dancing, talking about how amazing the night was and how lucky we truly were to have each other and all of these amazing people there to celebrate.

If I could offer one piece of wisdom to couples planning a wedding, I would say to choose the right vendors for you and your vision. Throughout the entire process, I had the best vendors that went with my vision for the day so perfectly. I loved getting to think out of the box, and my wedding planner and vendors were so supportive with my ideas. They were the ones who were able to make it all come to life! The colors, the flowers, the calligraphy, the art, the special touches… It was amazing the way they all pieced it together to bring my dream to life!



Photography: Amy Arrington Photography | Cinematography: BEV Weddings | Event Planning + Design: Elizabeth Marie Weddings And Events | Wedding Dress: Augusta Jones | Cake: Lush Cakery | Bridesmaids' Dresses: BHLDN | Catering: Proof of the Pudding | Hair + Makeup: Jennifer C Nieman | DJ: Jesse Busch | Tent Rental: James Nesmith | Bridal Boutique: The White Magnolia | Ceremony & Reception: Piedmont Park | Floral Design, Decor: Victory Blooms | Furniture, Draping, Lighting, Linens: Crush Event Rentals | Invitations, Signage, Stationery: Ashley Buzzy | Trolley: Marietta Trolley Company

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This Is How to Keep Blush Looking Fresh

Holy Bouquet! I love this bride’s big, beautiful, merlot and blush bouquet by Colonial House of Flowers so much, I may have to run to my nearest floral designer and beg her to recreate it as an arrangement for my kitchen. The Happy Bloom absolutely nailed it when they pointed out just what’s so striking about this bouquet AND this celebration – in a world of beautiful blush weddings, with the help of Emily Burton Designs this couple took the popular hue and made completely transformed it!


From The Happy BloomAshley and Marcus could not have had a more perfect wedding day – sunny with a breeze, a waterfront ceremony underneath Spanish moss, a bright and spacious reception space. It was a dream. In a world of MANY blush weddings, Ashley decided to take blush and make it her own by adding dusty blues and deep maroons.

From the bride… When I think of the South, I think of the deep South, where my grandmother grew up. I think of the marsh, the live Oak trees, and of course the Spanish moss. A proper Southern wedding to me, combines the carefree Southern attitude with elegance. Our wedding happened to be this perfect combination of fun and fancy. I couldn’t have asked for a better venue; Musgrove Plantation is a beautiful location right on the marsh, and we were surrounded by these grand old live Oaks covered in Spanish moss.

My vision for the wedding day was a combination of otherwise contradicting elements; I wanted to be married on the marsh, in the backwoods, surrounded by live Oaks and Spanish moss, but I also wanted it to be an elegant affair. I wanted it to be both effortlessly fun and yet sophisticated. The decor almost picked out itself. We had a rustic look with classic dinnerware and chic little elements added in. As for the colors, I knew I wanted to incorporate blues and pinks without it looking like a baby shower, and the deep merlot and gold just happened to complement perfectly.

I remember it all! It was so much fun, from getting up early with the girls to get ready to dancing the night away. I want to do it all again! The moment I remember most, and perhaps my favorite of the day, was walking down the aisle with my father. I stepped out from the little maze garden and was immediately struck with joy by the sight of all of the people that had come to celebrate with us. The sight of my soon-to-be husband, standing under the giant Oak tree, looking very dashing in his tux, didn’t hurt either! I’m definitely not one of those people who likes to be the center of attention, but in that moment, will all eyes on me as we walked down the aisle, everything was perfect.

We are just getting settled in to our new life in Austin, Texas. (I wouldn’t recommend moving to a new city while planning a wedding!) We are looking forward to being able to rest now that the wedding planning is over, and we will be going to Hawaii in May. After that? We’re not sure. We would like to travel before we settle down too much, but we’re just taking things slow for now.

From Emily Burton Designs

The Vision: Whimsical fall elegance with an emphasis on the natural surroundings. I pulled in natural farmhouse tables that matched the natural wood on the surrounding trees. All of the signage was a combination of wood and lucite to bring in a bit of whimsy and was adorned with natural greenery and oversized peonies.

The Food: Ashley and Marcus are such foodies, hence we chose “fun plays” on their first dates like the famous taco truck in Dallas (hence the mini margaritas and beef tacos that were served at their wedding).



Photography: The Happy Bloom | Event Planning: Emily Burton Designs | Floral Design: Colonial House of Flowers, Est. 1968 | Wedding Dress: Crystal Design | Invitations: Minted | Catering: Cape Creations Catering, Inc | Hair + Makeup: Emma Collins Beauty | Men's Attire: The Black Tux | Venue: Musgrove Plantation | Bridesmaids Dress Boutique: Bella Bridesmaid | Music: All About You Entertainment | Rentals: Beachview

Why Finding the Perfect Wedding Vendors has Never Been This Easy

We all know that you can’t have an amazing wedding without an amazing team of vendors, but we also know that finding that oh-so-awesome dream team takes a lot of work and research. Unless, you make plans to attend the Outer Banks Meet + Greet at Sanderling Resort on Sunday, March 10th from 5 – 9 pm. It’s your chance to mix and mingle with the best in the biz, plus find those wedding pros that will turn your destination wedding on the Outer Banks into the celebration you’ve always wanted.

Duck, North Carolina is one of those vacay spots you never want to leave and Sanderling Resort sits right smack-dab in the center of all of the action. With gorgeous views, luxe accommodations and a talented staff that knows a thing or two about dream weddings, you can count on that celebration of the century to happen. Now add in a meet + greet with talented OBX Wedding Professionals, hors d’oeuvres, wine tastings, a reception style dinner and dessert samplings and it’s not just an evening planning your big day… it’s a lot of fun, too. You can even dabble in Sassy S’mores at the Firepits at the Event House. (Yum.)

[iframe 600 338]

Trust us on this one, you guys – the Outer Banks Meet + Greet at Sanderling Resort is one of those events you seriously can’t miss. Mark those calendars for March 10th from 5-9 pm, then visit Sanderling Resort to purchase tickets, book rooms and learn more about getting those engagement pictures taken. You’re going to have a blast.

Meet the Unexpected Style Combo You’re Going to Fall For

If you needed proof that a modern wedding could be done (and done beautifully) in a rustic space, here it is. Detailed I Do’s conceptualized this bold and sophisticated design with its bright colors, sleek silhouettes, and pops of pattern yet seamlessly tied it in with the rustic, romantic setting that is Foxhall Resort for a wedding editorial captured by Diana Lupu Photography that’s truly one of a kind.

From Detailed I Do’s… We are so delighted to share this Southern, minimalist shoot that was captured at Fox Hall Resort with an awe-inspiring vendor team who brought our bright and bold design to life. We felt so inspired by the stately historic stables on the venue’s property. We wanted to show couples who have been pining to do a rustic wedding that they can put a modern twist on that and really wow their guests while also creating a more sophisticated affect. We incorporated pops of fuchsia pink and bright red, greenery climbing the shiplap walls, and a handwoven striped linen for a dramatic but playful look. Rachel and Patrick, our sweet couple, also influenced our design with their strong features, compelling chemistry, and true adoration for one another.



Photography: Diana Lupu | Event Planning + Design: Detailed I Do's | Floral Design: Victory Blooms | Wedding Dress: Houghton Bride | Cake: Gingerspice Bakery | Stationery: Tiger Lily Invitations | Shoes: Kate Spade | Hair + Makeup: Margaret Snider | Groom's Attire: The Black Tux | Venue: Foxhall Resort And Sporting Club | Bridal Boutique: The Sentimentalist | Earrings, Comb: Hushed Commotion | Linens: La Tavola Fine Linen Rental | Model: Rachel Hegner from Salt Model & Talent | Model: Rachel Hegner from Salt Model & Talent | Rentals: Presentime Rentals | Veil: Jaclyn Jordan New York | Welcome Gift: From Sir With Love

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An Eclectic Autumn Wedding in Stunning Savannah

An amazing, eclectic setting and pops of radiant red; this is an autumn wedding not to be missed. And the icing on the cake? It all took place in one of our favorite Southern cities: Spanish moss-covered Savannah. Stacy Hart captured it all, from the getting ready festivities to the trolley smiles and kisses – see it all right this way in our gorgeous gallery!


From Stacy Hart… Michelle and Jake were married at the charming SoHo South Cafe, nestled in the heart of Savannah, GA. Originally from the East Coast, these high school sweethearts honored Southern tradition in the details of their day. Guests were welcomed in with a whimsical guest book: Jenga pieces for everyone to sign! The ceremony was held in the cafe and the industrial vibes were perfectly complemented by soft, romantic blooms. Ivory & Beau, the event planner, created the most dreamy floral wreath and played up the bohemian feel by using mismatched chairs from the venue. Like every aspect of their day, the decorations were kept simple and set the mood for a relaxed evening. Michelle stunned in her two piece, Martina Liana gown and Jake kept his ensemble classic and understated with a navy Michael Kors suit. The pops of red in their bouquets paired perfectly with the neutral color palette; the bridesmaids carried this same sentiment in their mismatched, cafe-au-leit gowns. The girls got ready in a stunning Airbnb; an awesome alternative to brides and grooms not wanting a traditional hotel look.

During the evening, the bridal party rode to different locations on the best transportation in Savannah: a trolley! This totally captured the historic charm of the city. They rode under the Spanish moss and cobblestone streets while the ceremony space was transformed into a romantic seated reception. Each table held beautiful, ivory candles and fall inspired floral centerpieces with different textures of greenery! Michelle and Jake danced the night away in the soft candle light, celebrating their love with their closest friends and family!

From the Bride… My husband and I️ knew of each other since we were kids but didn’t really cross paths until we were nearing the end of high school. Whether he knew it or not, I️ had my eye on him way before then. The day he finally noticed me, was at a football game when I️ was awkwardly trying to dodge a kid I️ wanted nothing to do with. He saved me and asked if I wanted to go to the snack bar. We talked and laughed the rest of the night until we parted ways. After that night we exchanged numbers and shortly after, we went on our first date. Since that first date we have been inseparable.

With its history, night life, awesome food and beautiful Spanish moss streaming from every tree, we knew Savannah was the perfect place to do it! Picking Soho South Cafe as the venue was the easiest part. We knew we wanted something different from the average and after seeing all mismatch tables and chairs, decor, and eclectic bar area we knew it was just that. When thinking about the theme, we wanted both whimsical and romantic touches. We chose neutral colors, with taupe bridesmaids’ dresses, navy suits, and white and burgundy florals with greenery. We had matching farm tables and mismatching chairs. The tables had handmade arrangements in rose gold compotes with candle stick holders and mercury glass votives scattered throughout. Our hope was that our wedding would be more than just a day of celebration, but rather a weekend where all of our loved ones could make new friends, great memories and help Jake and I️ celebrate the best day of our lives!



Photography: Stacy Hart | Event Planning: Ivory and Beau | Floral Design: Ivory and Beau | Wedding Dress: Essense of Australia | Cake: Savannah Rum Runners | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Show Me Your Mumu | Hair + Makeup: Royal Makeup & Hair | DJ: Island Sound | Groom's Attire: Michael Kors | Groomsmen's Attire: Michael Kors | Officiant: Reverend Steve Schulte | Transportation: Old Savannah Tours | Wedding Venue: Soho South Cafe | Photography - Assistance: Megan Steele

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Your Sneak Peek At One Of Miami Beach’s Most Stylish Wedding Venues

You know what’s better than ogling over one of our fave South Beach venues? Seeing one seriously stylish duo tie the knot in that very space. We call that that a win-win, and we suggest you cozy on up for one of the prettiest weddings ever at the W South Beach. It’s one glam detail after another that will have you booking this Miami hot spot in a heartbeat.

When it comes to your Big Day, we know that finding that dream locale isn’t always easy – whether you plan on tying the knot with only a few in attendance or want to host a luxe reception in that over-the-top Miami style we all love. The W South Beach makes it so, so easy with an experienced team of wedding professionals that will help you create that statement-making event you’ve always wanted – big or small. From their breathtaking Atlantic views to their fabulous amenities to their FOUR venues (check out the tree-filled Grove, one of our faves), they have you covered. And don’t just take our word on it – take your cue from this stunning duo, who hosted what can only be described as a movie-like celebration, complete with an outdoor ceremony and a ballroom reception with dancing ’til dawn.

W South Beach is all about next level weddings with every glamorous detail that you could possibly imagine. Trust us, your every want will be taken care of, right down to their amazing Whatever/Whenever® service, aka, the best concierge service on the planet. Need even more proof? Take it from beautiful bride, Samantha – The best part of working with the W was not having to worry about our day not being beautiful. The venue itself is so stunning without anything extra, it was comforting to know that, no matter what, it would be beautiful. Working with Marina made everything about the day less stressful. She really helped organize our dream wedding from start to finish!

See more of their beautiful day here, then contact Marina Serret at 305.938.3028 to get planning.

This Vow Renewal Is Why We Love Love

John and Abigail were married in a beautiful Virginia wedding, but for a number of reasons, they had to keep things simple. Three years later, they decided to renew their vows on their anniversary, this time adding in elements that reflected their unique journey as a couple with the help of Rachel Slauer Weddings. From the special story behind the sari Abigail donned to the choice of venue (read about both below!), every detail photographed by Abigail Malone was full of thought and meaning. And this, ladies and gents, is exactly why I love my job.

John and Abigail Pothen were married in the summer of 2014 in a small Virginia chapel. Their wedding was beautiful, but with John entering medical school, they had to keep it simple. For their third wedding anniversary, the couple decided to renew their vows. Only this time, they were able to add the details that reflect their unique story.

That story began just a couple of years before their wedding. Both John and Abigail are passionate about improving lives through healthcare across the globe. In her last year of training to become a nurse, Abigail traveled to India to study. Little did she know, her future husband was already there for a long term research project. They were introduced through mutual friends and had their first date on a long train ride. When the train came to a stop 30 hours later, they wanted more time together. They spent the rest of the month exploring the country, and as they did, they began to fall for one another. On one of their last dates in India, as they strolled through the streets of Mumbai, John and Abigail ducked into a sari shop. Abigail was enchanted by the soft fabrics and the rich colors. Her plane ride home was only a few days away, and the spending money she had allowed herself for her trip was just about out. She turned to leave, but John stopped her, offering to buy one of the prettiest saris in the shop as a gift. Abigail knew in this moment that their feelings for one another would continue on when they returned to the States.

Abigail’s gown on their wedding day two years later was perfect, but it didn’t tell the whole story. At their vow renewal, she decided to change into the sari John had given her, highlighting this piece of their story as well as John’s heritage. As a venue, they chose the gardens of a restaurant that quickly became their favorite date spot upon moving to Atlanta, the place they bring their parents during visits, the place they enjoy cocktails and laughter and honest conversation with friends, the place they retreat to when they want to forget the rest of the world and focus solely on one another. So, on their anniversary, they renewed these beautiful vows they made to one another three years ago:

“I vow to become your closest friend and confidante, your faithful partner through good and bad times, a supporter of your dreams and passions, your biggest fan and a believer in your future potential. I vow to encourage you, to be honest with you, to be gracious towards you, to love you in all circumstances, and to seek reconciliation in times of conflict. I ask you, God, to sustain our marriage through the power of your grace – a perfect love given without reservation to those who do not deserve it.”



Photography: Abigail Malone | Event Planning: Rachel Slauer Weddings | Floral Design: Gold & Bloom | Wedding Dress: Chantel Lauren Designs | Ring: Susie Saltzman | Makeup: Stunning By Rachel | Hair: Claudia Nicole Hair | Cakes and Desserts: Gingerspice Bakery | Film Scans: PhotoVision Prints | Henna: Horizon Henna | Paper: Meredith Mejerle | Rentals: Collection Event Rentals | Restaurant: Wahoo Grill

A Classic Southern Wedding – With Some Fabulously Fun Touches Added In!

I’m all for a classic Southern celebration any day of the week but when it’s infused with personal details and fabulously fun touches. You too? Well, look no further than this Amy Arrington gallery of gorgeousness. From the wine corks to the going away outfit on our beautiful Bride, it’s a wedding to remember and be inspired by – see it all right this way!

From the Bride… Drew and I have been going to school together since middle school (6th grade!), but we didn’t start dating until we were Juniors at Wake Forest University. We have been so fortunate to have an amazing group of friends and family support us in this journey from friends, to dating, through engagement, and now in marriage. We really wanted our wedding day to be a true celebration of our past and what brought us together, and what our future holds. Mostly, we wanted to have a great evening and we wanted everyone to have fun with us. The number one recommendation I would make to a bride would be to hire someone to help you plan and execute on the day-of. I had been a bridesmaid in a wedding that TOAST planned, and the bride was the most relaxed I had almost ever seen her – and they handled everything. I knew immediately that I wanted to be the same way, and to arrive on my wedding day having given all the details over to a trusted partner. We hired TOAST, and Kerri and I laughed throughout the process about only making decisions which would enable me to be “cool as a cucumber” and we succeeded – I had the best day because I was so relaxed, I knew they had everything under control! At the beginning of the planning process, I had a few strong opinions about certain elements, and then I wanted to allow my vendors to take the reins from there – they are the experts! Kerri and I had a great brainstorming session where we, along with my Mom, talked through the vision: a great celebration that combined beautiful and classic Southern colors and traditions with some modern updates and personalization.

​Kerri connected us with great vendors ​who​ are incredibly talented and wonderful to work with. They​ immediately understood my vision for the style of the wedding​ – Lisa at Paper Daises and Gabi at Edge Design made my loose conception and ideas of what I was looking for into a reality – more perfectly than I could have ever imagined. They understood and helped us maintain the balance between a more updated look that reflects our style and a traditional black tie Southern wedding. When it came to the day of the wedding, our amazing vendors took care of everything and​ ​we were able to enjoy every moment – which is evident in the beautiful photos that Amy and Brandon (Amy Arrington Photography) took.​ Amy and Brandon were able to perfectly deliver our need for more traditional, posed wedding photos of extended family, but also offer their beautiful artistic eye and use of light to take photos where everyone looks amazing and not “stiff.” We will enjoy their images forever. ​ ​

We cannot say enough great things about our band, the Atlanta Showstoppers, who had everyone on the dance floor until the very end of the evening. They played the perfect mix of oldies for swing dancing and upbeat pop songs, which appealed to the whole crowd. ​They ensured my vision of a great celebration (i.e. a really fun party) was a reality! At the reception, instead of a traditional guest book for signatures, we had blank corks and asked everyone to sign a cork. Drew and I save the corks from bottles of wine we drink on special occasions and with special friends and family. He used our cork collection when he proposed, so we loved including this element in our wedding. Lisa (Paper Daises) and Gabi (Edge Design) created a beautiful area of vases and pictures to tell this story – and now we have a whole bowl of corks from our wedding guests which we’ve added to our collection! We also opted for a “grooms cake” that was an ice cream bar, because Drew LOVES ice cream. This was a great choice because late June in Atlanta guarantees hot and humid weather, ​and most of our guests were very interested in a bowl of ice cream! Chef Christophe Joignant and the team at Capital City did a beautiful job with all the food and I loved collaborating with them on the flavors and location of our “grooms cake” ice cream and cookies station! My mom loved her going away outfit and I wanted to embrace the classic tradition myself. So I changed before the evening ended into a shorter white cocktail dress. Not only was it a fun nod to tradition and my mom’s outfit change, but it was a surprise! I’d kept my dress a secret, and only a few people knew I was planning to change at all, so it was fun for me to have a little reveal! It also turned out to make my last few moments on the dance floor the most fun I had, as my short going away dress was much more comfortable for dancing and departing than my long and heavy wedding dress! ​



Photography: Amy Arrington Photography | Event Planning: TOAST | Floral Design: Edge Design Group | Wedding Dress: Buckhead Bridals | Cake: Classic Cakes And Cheesecakes | Stationery: Paper Daisies Stationery | Ceremony Venue: Peachtree Road United Methodist Church | Reception Venue: Capitol City Club, Brookhaven | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Bella Bridesmaid | Hair + Makeup: The Moore Agency | Lighting: Unique Event Elements | Band: East Coast Entertainment | Transportation: Atlantic Limo | Rentals: James Nesmith

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A Gorgeous Multicultural Celebration: From Start to Finish (A Ballroom Transformed into a Wedding Wonderland!)

I write about weddings day in and day out but sometimes I’m just at a loss. And today is one of those days. But it’s not because I’m not inspired – it’s the opposite in fact. This wedding before me, well, I’m just in awe and obsessed and just want to look through every single one of Joseph Rogero’s pics over and over again. The color palette: perfect. The Bride: beyond beautiful. The ballroom: transformed into a wedding wonderland. I don’t even know what else to say… I’m head over heels. Hop on over to our gallery right this instant and join me in this love fest.

From Joseph Rogero… When the bride wanted a ballroom transformed into her ethereal wedding dream, Emily Claire Events did just that. With timeless imagery by Still55 Photography, gorgeous blooms from Forage Botanical, and a stunning lace BHLDN gown, this celebration can’t be missed!

From Emily Claire Events… It’s not hard to say that Deepak and Annabelle are one of the sweetest couples I have ever worked with. With the pair living out of state, we were unable to meet in person until a few weeks prior to their big day. Most of our collaboration was done over Skype where I spent many hours getting to know this lovely duo. It was obvious after our first conversation that they had a passion for travel, as well as their heritage, and we wanted to incorporate that into their wedding.

Annabelle initially had a vision of a dreamy outdoor wedding, but she already had a ballroom booked for her date because of logistical factors. We worked closely together to bring her vision to life by including loads of lush greenery and florals, setting up wedding party portraits to be captured in the gardens of the stunning historic Swan House, and integrating flowing white drapery and linens to lighten and brighten the venue space.

As for the travel inspiration, one of the couple’s favorite destinations is France, so we included macarons as a tribute in the welcome bags and little French details can be seen throughout the wedding styling. As an ode to the groom’s Indian heritage, the bride and bridesmaids had traditional Indian henna done after the rehearsal dinner. The bride’s family being from Vietnam, we served a delicious Asian ice cream alongside the wedding cake. It was truly enjoyed by all!



Photography: Joseph Rogero | Videography: Kale Fitch Films | Event Planning: Emily Claire Events | Floral Design: Forage Botanical | Wedding Dress: BHLDN | Cake: Sweet Caroline's Cakes | Invitations: Quinn Luu | Invitations: Sarah Ingram | Ceremony Venue: The Westin Atlanta | Reception Venue: The Westin Atlanta | Bride's Shoes: BHLDN | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Jenny Yoo | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Amsale | Catering: The Westin Atlanta | Catering: Bombay Cafe | Hair + Makeup: Jennifer C Nieman | Groomsmen's Attire: The Black Tux | Venue: http://www.aAtlanta History Center: Swan House & Grand Overlook | Decor Rentals: collectioneventfurnishings | Draping: Unique Event Elements | Rentals: We Rent Atlanta

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A Cleveland Holiday Wedding Complete with a Hot Chocolate Bar!

Well if this classic holiday wedding doesn’t put you in the mood for the Christmas, I don’t know what will! A Charming Fete and La Tavola Fine Linens took the best of the season—including Christmas trees, hot cocoa and luxe fabrics — and created a winter wonderland captured by Emily Millay. You’ll wonder why all winter weddings aren’t this cozy and full of winter charm!

From the Bride, Molly:
When Michael and I started planning our wedding, we knew we wanted it to be a classic, timeless affair but also a great expression of ourselves. We decided to get married in my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio in early December which helped guide our winter wedding vision, complete with blackwatch plaid, navy velvet, luxe hunter green and even a hot chocolate bar!

When we walked into The Union Club for the first time, we both got chills! From the grand staircase (trimmed in garland and a beautiful Christmas tree), to the multiple fireplaces, ornate rugs, and dark wood it’s old world feel was just right. The Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist is one of the most stunning churches with detailed ceilings and a cobblestone (soooo long!) aisle. It was such an incredible moment walking down that aisle with my dad to Michael.

All of my planning dreams came true when I met Lauren and the team at A Charming Fete. They helped bring our dream to life and made the process so much easier and more enjoyable. Haley at Lather + Maggie Kleinman made up my glam squad and truly made me feel like a timeless, classic winter bride. Our florist, Scott Sella made winter magic happen with the flowers.

The entertainment and guest experience was so important to us and our band, The Orchestra (Cleveland Music Group) really delivered. I don’t think I have been to another wedding where the dance floor was jammed pack from start to finish.

Aside from the elegant decor, we really wanted this day to feel like us and we wanted to surprise our family and friends with some fun things throughout the day. I got ready at my childhood home with all my bridesmaids, cozied around the fireplace and Christmas tree with Father of the Bride playing. Michael and I exited the church with a Cleveland Fire Department bagpiper (who is retired FDNY – just like Michael’s father). We chose to have fresh baked pies instead of wedding cake and displayed them on a beautiful walnut wood pie stand that Michael’s brother custom built for us. I surprised Michael with a (spiked) hot chocolate bar with all the fixings. We served late night pizza (with ranch dressing!) to guests as they danced the night away. And we ended the night with a sparkler send-off.

Michael and I are so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family who have supported us every step of the way. Our wedding day was a (very cold!) dream of a day that truly felt so special and true to “us.” Our love story has only just begun!



Photography: Emily Millay Fine Art Wedding Photography | Cinematography: Full Bloom Photography | flowers : Every Blooming Thing | Stationery : Aerialist Press | Ceremony Venue: St Johns Cathedral | Reception Venue: The Union Club | makeup : MKleinman Artistry | hair : Lather A Salon | Band : Cleveland Music Group | Transportation: Lolly The Trolly | Invitation Design: The Groom, Michael Miano | Linens : La Tavola Fine Linen Rental | Pies : Simply Delicious Pies | Planning and Styling : A Charming Fete | pie stands : Chris Miano

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Turning a Local Eatery Into the Prettiest Celebration Spot

This Atlanta wedding captured by Tenth and Grace will make you rethink your local eatery. Fave restaurants aren’t just for dinner and drinks; they also make the perfect backdrop for celebrating “I Do’s”. And this location done up with florals by Gold & Bloom proves extra special because it was the site of many a date for this Bride and Groom and also sits right across the street from where they got engaged. So to say JCT Kitchen was written in the stars for these two is a complete understatement.

Nicole and David wanted a wedding that really reflected who they are as a couple – part traditional, part modern and completely Atlanta. Choosing JCT Kitchen as the venue for their wedding was an easy choice – the couple lived nearby while they were dating and often dined at the restaurant. They even got engaged across the street! So the location was so meaningful to them and it was the perfect spot to exchange their vows. Although it poured fifteen minutes before the ceremony, the clouds moved out just in time for Nicole to walk down the aisle and we even enjoyed some sunshine later in the day. It was a beautiful day for this sweet couple!

Photography: Tanya Menoni | Coordinator: JCT Kitchen + Bar | Floral Design: Gold & Bloom | Wedding Invitations: Minted | Wedding Venue: JCT Kitchen + Bar | Ring Box: The Mrs Box | Vow Books: Seniman Calligraphy

Bury a Bottle of Bourbon – This Groom Will Tell You It Works!

The forecast looked dreary when this groom turned to an old wives’ tale as a last resort and buried a bottle of bourbon…and boy, are we glad he did, because this perfect wedding day turned out to be so darn gorgeous! Jump right in to this classic, Southern fête at The Tate House, captured by the always wonderful Sawyer Baird.

From Sawyer BairdThe day was one that I was worried would be rainy and dreary. We had our fingers crossed for the couple of weeks leading up to the big day. The groom buried a bottle of bourbon and to say that is a wives’ tale, well we will never know, because it has certainly worked for all of my couples who have tried it! The sun came out, and it was a beautiful sunny day.

Caroline and Jared shared one of the most beautiful, heartfelt days in the North Georgia mountains close to where they grew up and now live together as one. Caroline and Jared shared such a beautiful first look together before the ceremony to have time together (which is something I always suggest), and even though they did a first look you can tell in Jared’s face as Caroline walked down the aisle that in that moment things are still so special, and it is such an amazing moment for both the bride and groom. It was in that moment that I,  as an outside party, remembered why I do what I do. It is these moments that are reminders that even in the hustle and bustle of wedding days, the little moments are the ones that will get to you.

Clean and classic is the bride’s style, and I think it shows. Classic greens, whites, and a black tux is one look that I will never be tired of as a photographer. It is something that I know in 30, 40, or even 50 years will never be old.



Photography: Sawyer Baird | Cinematography: Black Hill Films | Floral Design: The Tate House | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Show Me Your Mumu | Hair + Makeup: Vigilante Cosmetics | Calligraphy: Carolyn Lohman | DJ: Backwood Boyz | Groom's Attire: Calvin Klien | Ceremony Music: test | Venue: The Tate House | Paper Goods: Crane & Co.



The Key to the Perfect Outer Banks Wedding

We don’t need to tell you that the Outer Banks in North Carolina is a gorgeous place to tie the knot – the beauty in this seaside paradise truly speaks for itself. But if you’re on the lookout for a resort that can host your Big Day sans any stress on your part, we can help. The Sanderling Resort sits right on the Atlantic and has some amazing venue + package options that will bring your entire vision full-circle. Check it out.

The key to any amazing wedding? Finding the right locale. And with Sanderling Resort, you can pretty much sit back and relax while their planners take care of it all for you, starting with helping you land on the right package option. Sanderling Resort offers five elopement packages for 15 – 60 guests that include everything from wedding cakes to s’mores around the fire pit. Their full-service package works for those larger celebrations for up to 180 guests and their winter package waives the facility fee and the food and beverage minimum, which is awesome. And if you want to talk venues – you can tie the knot seaside on their beautiful beach or Observation Deck, host a grander event at their House + Deck or Pavilion, or celebrate in an intimate soiree at their Kimball’s Kitchen or Keeper’s Loft.

From their fresh southern coastal cuisine to their team of pros that know everything there is to know about planning a seaside wedding, we love Sanderling Resort and their breathtaking Outer Banks locale. To find out more about planning your Big Day, call their fab team of wedding planners at 877.300.0624 or visit their website here.

[iframe 600 338]