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Dawn Strong
Hello, my name is Dawn and I am obsessed with weddings. It's an obsession that started back in elementary school when (against my mother's wishes) my hard-earned babysitting money would be spent on any and all wedding publications and the latest edition of Sweet Valley High. (In my daydreams, I was always a brunette version of Elizabeth.) In high school, I would use my breaks at work to rush to Walden Books (it was a short jaunt from my post at the DQ) to spend my paychecks on the newest edition of Brides Magazine. I ripped out the pages and stored them in secret places, earmarked my favorite dresses and spent every minute dreaming of the day I would one day walk down the aisle.

Fast forward to me as an adult and not much has changed. I am still completely obsessed with weddings, but now I get to call that obsession my job... and I couldn't be happier. Because now I am not just a girl who saves inspiration in a folder on her laptop called "someday" and watches Pride & Prejudice on a continual loop (I love you, Jane!), I'm a girl who works for the always-amazing Style Me Pretty... a place where gorgeous gowns, beautiful details and amazing love stories happily fill my days. Am I lucky or what?