With Subtle Nods to Disney, This Vegas Wedding Is the Happiest Place on SMP
December 5, 2018
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What better way to celebrate Walt Disney’s birthday than by sharing this gorgeous wedding from Elyse Alexandria Photography, animated with elements from the Magic Kingdom. I Do Details knew exactly how to incorporate the couples love of Disney in a subtle, elegant way - all it took was a little bit of faith, trust and pixie dust! Don't forget to let us know in the comments section which Disney “easter egg” was your favorite of the day!

From the planner... Janette and Willy loved rose gold and emerald for their fall wedding, but also wanted a classic, romantic vibe. Initially, they had booked at a different venue, but due to some extenuating circumstances, they had to change locations. When that happened, they added black, white, and velvet to add an extra touch of elegance to coordinate with the new venue.
Janette & Willy also are Disney lovers and Disney is woven throughout their love story. So of course we had to add some subtle elements to the decor. From Willy's cufflinks to the ceremony processional songs to the cake topper (my personal favorite), every part of the day had a little bit of extra magic. We also wanted to pay homage to their hispanic roots by adding an amazing mariachi band for the guests to enjoy during cocktail hour.
From the bride... Willy and I met in 2005. We kept running into each other, unintentionally. His sister and my good friend wanted to set us up. So we finally talked and decided to hang out. We were friends first and the rest of it just kind of fell into place. 
Willy proposed on the Disney cruise for our sons 10th birthday. They asked me for my dessert choice and I was so confused on what they were serving, but then everything made sense when Willy asked “will you be by happily ever after.” He always says he’s Carl and I’m Ellie.
My original vision for our wedding was fairly different than the final version because of the venue change. After we had to change venues, all I knew was that I really wanted everything to be outside, be romantic and have everyone dress up.
And because we're Disney lovers for years, how we spend our happiest times, it was only fitting to have Disney elements added to our wedding. Everyone knows Disney is our thing, so we had to. I knew I was going to have our favorite Disney quotes and when I started looking at the favors I found those and loved them!
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