Timeless English Destination Wedding at Brympton House
December 3, 2018
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There are some weddings that are so beautiful, they leave me at a loss for words. Or maybe, I have too many words that come to mind, I simply don't know the best ones to choose that describe the utter perfection that jumps off the page. This one, crafted with the help of A Very Beloved Wedding, falls into that category. You'll see why in a moment when you scroll through the breathtaking images by Peter & Veronika. And then I can guarantee, you'll promptly pin almost every single image to your wedding board. Let's dive in, shall we?
From A Very Beloved Wedding... Julia and Florian complement each other in every way. He's a cautious, strategic thinker, with a pragmatic sense of the world and a loving husband to be. She is a vivid spirit, with a love for beauty, big hearted, and outgoing lady.
Their story began many years ago as teenagers. It was in January 2003, when they met at their school ball and she had to leave before midnight like Cinderella. Their wedding was all about them, all about romance and English beauty. Traditional, conservative, intimate, fun, classic, and light. It enhanced the tradition, the elegance and the romance found in Brympton House and in the loving ceremony.
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In the middle of the heart of Brympton D’Evercy, a state older than one thousand years, there is one of England's most romantic houses surrounded by nature – this is Brympton House. The oldest building standing today at the estate is Castle House which is over 750 years old, flooded with natural light and through its arched medieval windows it is the most romantic place to tie the knot.

The history of Brympton D’Evercy begins when the D’Evercy family arrived in England with William the Conqueror in 1066 and was awarded the Saxon Manor of Brunetone. Before the conquest the D’Evercys were noblemen in Normandy and before that almost certainly Vikings.

The color palette at Julia and Florian's wedding was timeless. We used neutral colors such as grey, crème, white, some pastel and nude, with a few antique sparkles of gold and silver. The timeless elegance of the venue and it's colors found in it, did the rest to complete the feeling of classic and traditional romance.

The natural beauty of flowers beautifully arranged gave a reminiscence of romance, festivity, grandness, timeless impressions, leaving a great impact in the overall feeling and memories of the couple and their guests. The setting was natural and whimsical. The ceremony took place at the Castle House with flowers as an altar and many candles. It looked like a Cinderella fairytale and Jane Austen endless romance. After the ceremony, guests enjoyed a get together with drinks and canapés on the south terrace, surrounded by beautiful nature of this romantic house. That was the perfect time for the wonderful couple shoot. Julia's dress had the words Something blue stitched on the dress in blue.

After that the guests where lead to the saloon. The dinner was very intimate. Four round tables where displayed with crème tablecloths and grey colored napkins with a printed calligraphed menu. The cutlery was gold and the glasses of thin crystal. The table numbers where placed mini antique easel card holders. The flowers were low presented in compote gold vases in the middle of the table with antique candle sticks of diverse heights.

After the last course, the cake was cut at the Temple of Brympton House. It was displayed on a round table with draped tablecloth. The cake was naked and adorned with several flower elements found in the overall décor. The party took place at the stables with a disco ball and cosy lounge area facilities. The stationery for Julia and Florian's wedding was timeless and elegant, of fine paper, natural colors and artistic calligraphy. Bespoke illustrations about Brympton House and their Monogram on the wax seal, made the stationery unique.
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