A Photographer's Estate Wedding in Honolulu, Hawaii
November 19, 2018
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Not only did this fete draw me in with it's to-die-for Hawaii backdrop and that ridiculously beautiful dress, but each and every one of the captures by Trynh Photography (assisted by Lucy Munoz), held my attention for not seconds, but minutes. I suppose that's the gorgeous result of the chemistry between the Bride, Jenny Soi (who also happens to be a photographer!) and Trynh who became the best of friends after connecting through their industry on social media. Toss in a layer of blooms from Designs by Hemingway and you've got all the ingredients for wedding inspiration that is sure to have you clicking 'pin it' from the start.
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From the Bride... The Gown: Besides my new husband and my family being at the wedding, my gown was my favorite thing. I knew I wanted a gown that was feminine and unique, yet timeless at the same time. I specifically requested a gown that has dimensional details and a illusion neckline that wasn’t “too sexy” for mom. This Idan Cohen Dress was the third wedding dress I tried on at Kinsley James Walnut Creek and instantly knew it was the one because it made me feel so confident and graceful. I hope to save this gown for my future daughter or daughter in law if I am so fortunate to have kids. If not, it will go to one of my niece!

How we met: We met in highschool and fell in love in our early 20’s after reconnecting. We both knew we had a little crush on each other in high school but it wasn’t until we became good friends as adults that we realized how much happiness we brought to each others lives. It just made sense.

Wedding Style: Our wedding was an intimate tropical formal affair inspired by our love for family and island life. We kept our design elements very minimalist but with a lot of intention behind every detail. One of my favorite decor elements was being able to dedicate our table names by naming it after my husband’s late-mother favorite orchid flowers. Our flowers were arranged ikebana style into vessels handmade by my dear sister, Brenda Soi just for the occasion. I also love the color grey-blue and that sweet in between gradient of beautiful calming colors my husband and I will never be tired of admiring.

How you planned your wedding: Being a destination wedding, we made just one trip to our venue in Oahu before we knew we wanted to book it. It was the perfect location for my entire family and bridal party to stay at and enjoy an entire weekend of festivities. Being a creative, it was natural for me to want to design and curate the vendors to perfectly carry out my vision of a timeless wedding.

From Trynh Photography... I met Jenny Soi two years ago though our social network, and she said "I'm a photographer too, we should be best friends", and that we now are. I've come to know both Jenny & Viet while living in the SF Bay Area briefly. I've watched the whole wedding planning process unfold, but of course Jenny made it look so effortless and stress free (thanks to being a wedding photographer), she knew exactly her vision and all the little delicate details that tells the story of their lives not their wedding day. Though she made it seem easy, it was not easy to plan a destination wedding when you can't just drive there to check something. You definitely have to rely on all the creatives to help pull all of this together. On the day before Jenny planned a cute pool party for her bridesmaids and guests. The wedding day was beautiful, especially the bride. Even with all the designing and planning, no one wishes to have rain on their wedding. The team set up all the tables outside in the beautiful courtyard surrounded by lush green palm trees and tropical plants, however, the rain came pouring down and all was moved inside a tent. The rest of the night they celebrated, danced under that tent with the live musicians and the sound of rain.