Italian Renaissance Wedding Inspo a la the Master - Leonardo da Vinci
November 2, 2018
By: eddye
Renaissance ... it is not just a person, place or period in time. It IS a feeling from deep down inside that inspires passion and timeless emotion. And this styled shoot IS a true testament to that period in time, to Italy and to the Master of artistic expression, Leonardo da Vinci. The Italian wedding dream team who came together to inspire (chiara, anna, the ladies of jardin divers, giulia, carol and esther) built on the artistic essence of the Renaissance aesthetic... romance, art, symmetry, perspective and space to inspire in a classic, yet innovative manner. All who are in search of the rebirth of romance ~ read on!
An elegant Renaissance Italian villa, Villa di Striano, set in the heart of Tuscany is a breathtaking location for a wedding. It is a perfect venue for our Leonardo da Vinci-themed wedding photo shoot. Its majestic ochre walls stand out against the beautiful woods and hills of Mugello area. Throughout centuries many famous artists, doctors and writers have visited Striano to embrace and enjoy it's quietness and peace among the lush Tuscan hills. Its gorgeous fresco ceilings, balconies, and elegant landscaping and gardens around the property brings a true authentic Tuscan wedding experience. This ancient villa is full of charm and mystery, which inspired us to design the photo shoot with a challenging main theme of Leonardo da Vinci.
The wedding inspiration was beautifully put together by a Fine Art stylist, Chiara, of Weddings in Tuscany, and her team. Being born and raised in the gorgeous Tuscan region, which is also native to Leonardo da Vinci, Chiara drew the inspiration from the culture so dear to her. Chiara chose to incorporate beautiful Florentine decor to portray the real authentic Italian Renaissance experience. Stunning wooden Florentine trays with golden details adorned the reception table set up. Chiara paid attention to the smallest details while planning the design of the photo shoot. Her creative and elegant work is done with excellency and professionalism at the highest level.
The incredible wedding gown in a soft purple tone evokes a dramatic and deepest emotion. Its light texture and cascading design with loose ribbons tied at the shoulders is magnificent.
Giulia Cecchrini gave our bride Sara a slightly darker color on her lips and cheeks to complement Sara's beautiful Italian dark hair and skin complexion. Sara's loose up-do has romantic curls coming down to suggest the Renaissance style and to showcase the iridescent silk chiffon flowing Myrina wedding gown by Carol Hannah.
Romantic, loose and fragrant flowers by Jardin Divers harmoniously complement the Renaissance theme. Jardin incorporated a variety of combinations of shapes and colors in her florals. White and blush wild flowers, gorgeous roses, raspberries, all adorned with a the simplicity of a jasmine vine is a wonderful representation of an Italian elegance. The contrast between the artful gold Florentine setting and simple and romantic florals creates the perfect balance for an elegant look.
A unique paper suite by Esther Clark at Esther Clark Illustration & Calligraphy was inspired by the old-world Renaissance period. Esther uses delicate handmade paper with deckled-edges. Love letter rolled up in a scroll is sealed with a gold jasmine flower detail. Lovely cursive font was incorporated into this elegant Leonardo da Vinci inspired invitation suite. Esther's hand drawn sketch inspired by Leonardo da Vinci's drawings is a stunning addition to the theme. Esther's Fine Art approach and talent is easily noticed.
Fine Art wedding photographer, Anna, with Anna Grinets Photography, captured the elegant looks in a light and romantic style. Anna achieves this look by using a medium format film camera, which makes her work stand out and gives photos a beautiful softness. Her photography focuses on documenting emotions and creating stylish imagery in the highest quality. Anna's work has been featured in publications and magazines in the United States and in Europe.
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