Southern Charm at this Blogger's Oheka Castle Destination Wedding from NST Pictures
October 20, 2018
By: eddye
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A year ago... almost to the day... fashion and life-style blogger Courtney Toliver married Timothy Ansley Guthrie in what can only be described as an utterly charming outdoor ceremony at New York's fairy-tale OHEKA CASTLE. Courtney had dreamed of this venue for years, but never thought she'd be able to be married there. After a little research she found that if their wedding was on a weekday, her dream of being married there just might work out!
When Courtney's mom showed them a wedding film shot at the very same venue by NST Pictures, they were sold on the idea of having a film from this, their once-in-a-lifetime, event. It's a decision they will never regret! Before you watch the film, though, think about it... using a videographer who has filmed other weddings at your (same) venue can have a distinct advantage. With aerial coverage being so hot these days (hmmm... or should I say really cool!)... this add-on to a standard cinematography package provides that extra wow (!) factor to the finished film. OK - now... you can watch!

From NST Pictures: Courtney & Ansley's OHEKA CASTLE Destination Wedding Trailer
Tell the truth... did you watch 'til the very end when Courtney sang? Didn't she blow you away? I had already done a little research about Courtney and was really impressed with everything she's doing on her blog. But when you see this couple on their film, you'll fall in love with both of them and their families within the first minute. Plus, when you hear them repeat those time-honored, traditional vows (words spoken by millions of people through the years), don't you still get goosebumps and a lump in your throat? I know I do.
Their film is a moving example of one couple with huge hearts, and a loving family supporting them in love... and in life.  Sharing their faith and their belief in the institution of marriage, itself. As NST Pictures says on their website, "A wedding film is a family heirloom that captures the true essence of the union of two families." A precious... and priceless investment.
Did you see the stunning aerial views from NST Pictures of OHEKA CASTLE?... if not, don't scroll a fraction of an inch forward until you go back and watch it (again)!
Cinematographers almost always offer a variety of options in their time availability and their finished product packages. If you're not all that familiar with all of the terminology, or you just need a place to learn more about wedding videography, in general, NST Pictures' website covers it all. And the best thing? They either ARE - or will GO - anywhere your heart wants to go!

Here are a few pages from NST Pictures' website to get you started...

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Courtney's thoughts on the decision to hire a cinematographer... When we first started planning our wedding, we just weren't sure if we wanted to spend the extra money for a wedding film. We knew that our photographs from Donny Zavala were going to be incredible... and we thought that might suffice. One day, my Mom, who has a special talent for finding things on social media, came across NST Pictures and told us that we should check them out. We did and could tell, instantly, that they were a team of incredibly talented people. We loved the style of each and every one of their videos. What stood out to us the most, though, was that NST had filmed at OHEKA many times! Watching those weddings, at our venue, helped us make the decision to sign on the dotted line! We finally realized that there are some moments that are just more special in cinematic form... NST was the perfect decision for us.
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