When Bright Color and Whimsy Define Your Wedding Day Style
October 9, 2018
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I have known Andre & Sofia - the pair behind destination photography, floral and event design studio Branco Prata - for many years. I originally loved them for their kindness. Now, I love them for that and so much more. Their willingness to put themselves out there creatively, to dream, to ask, to try new things, to be bold when required and to be curated always. This shoot is a representation of that very creativity. That very curation. Based on the title "Color Me Graceful," this is what happens when two intensely talented people gather their favorite artists and designers and take the day off to play. And it's oh-so-wonderful.
From Branco Prata Studios... Color Me Graceful is a study, (a sketch or a painting), done in preparation for a accomplished art piece. It’s where the elements: light, color, form, perspective and composition, are planned to be used in a finished art work. It’s a set of images that tell a tale of fresh insights gainned while exploring our subject, and we want the viewer to share more of the “artist’s” sense of discovery as the images unfold in front of him or her.
Here, reality is born out of a paint brush, where everything is perfectly aligned with the setting. Our bride is like a blank canvas waiting to be painted, she is beautiful and graceful, she is divine, and on her wedding day, she will be able to shine even more than she usually does.
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In short, Color Me Grateful is also a creation of visual, auditory and performing images that translate into a story, an exploration of the five senses. As humans we have a multitude of sensors: vision, audition, gustation, olfaction, and touch, among others, it is our destiny to explore them and elevate them.
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