Emotion Packed Wedding at a Philly Greenhouse
October 9, 2018
By: eddye
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So many couples nowadays are looking for a really unique wedding venue. It can make the experience incredibly fun for all your guests. Yesterday we were in New Orleans at a delightful historic venue and today, we're taking you to Philadelphia to the Horticulture Center. Makes it pretty fun for us, too! We know you'll enjoy a look into today's emotion-packed wedding film from NST Pictures with photography by Brianna Wilbur Photography. Let's start with a quick look at the beautiful spring cherry blossoms that provided the perfect backdrop for these pre-wedding shots.
From NST Pictures... Jill and Zach's wedding color palette centered around the blush pink of Philadelphia's cherry blossoms at the Horticulture Center Highlights, blending beautifully with ivory and sage green. The bridal bouquet was wrapped in Jill's mom's veil, adding both a little "something old" and "something borrowed" to the bridal look. As you'll see in their wedding highlight film, a festive donut stand awaited the guests instead of the traditional cake at the reception!

A Bit of Advice From Style Me Pretty

  • DO - BUDGET FOR A WEDDING FILM: If funds are tight, pull a little $ from every line item on your budget sheet and put it toward a film! We PROMISE... you won't regret the decision. Videographers usually offer a wide variety of coverage options.

  • DON'T - SCRIMP ON QUALITY: Choose a high quality cinematographer. Again, if funds are tight, opt for less coverage time from a highly recommended cinematographer who you know will provide a film you will cherish.

  • DO - ASK FRIENDS, FAMILY, WEDDING PLANNERS [and SMP (lol)] for RECOMMENDATIONS: Word of mouth is one of the best ways to find a high quality videographer. And... We're not tooting our own horn, but the videographers that we have listed in our Little Black Book - listed under VENDORS WE LOVE - were screened by our professional-peer-based-advisory board before being invited to be a member.  NST PICTURES is one of our highly-recommended cinematographers. They have been credited on more than 25 features on Style Me Pretty going back to 2013!

  • DON'T - JUST LOOK IN YOUR IMMEDIATE LOCATION: The vast majority of cinematographers LOVE to travel and many have offices set up in multiple locations. Case in point, if you look at NST PICTURES' website, you'll see that they cover all 51 states plus Japan, The Phillipines and will meet you wherever your romantic heart leads you for your Destination Wedding.

  • DO - LOOK AT THE 'ABOUT' SECTION ON WEBSITES: We believe strongly in researching each and every vendor team before you sign on the dotted line. Meeting in person, talking on the phone, of course, are vital. But start with the ABOUT section on their website. It's usually a quick synopsis of what's important to the vendor, what they do when they aren't working, and can give you insight into their core values. Choosing teams that have the same-ish values as you do is key. {Reading about NST Pictures reveals that they are a team of about a dozen extremely artistic women with talents going above and beyond cinematography - with a lone man in the middle. Kudos to him!}

And one last DO... Do let the experts have some say in the day. You may have a difficult time letting go of each and every detail... your must-have-shots, the-posed moments, the-exact-timeline-your-way-your-day, etc, (and that IS so important!) but be sure to let the talents of all your carefully chosen wedding professionals shine through. Meet with them all (or speak with them) and allow their recommendations to curate the finished product of #yourweddingday!
Looking back on their wedding day, Jill and Zach are sure to remember the big moments. But it's through the expert lenses of Briana Wilbur and NST Pictures that they will feel all the moments they didn't get to see... or the moments they were too excited to remember! Their film and their photographs will remind them of each and every snuggle, the full emotional impact of their first look ~ as well as all the spoken words. Their vows, the toasts, the songs they danced to - the whispers of love, wiping the tears off of each other's faces, the emotion when Jill and her father walked down the aisle to Zach. One of the cutest things I saw on the highlight film was when all of the bridesmaids gave a little wiggle as they lined up under the cherry blossoms before the wedding! So, so fun!
From the Bride, Jill ... Zach and I knew each other in High School, ran with the same crowd. It wasn't until after college that we reconnected. I was living in West Chester, Pennsylvania and Zach was in Baltimore. I went to Baltimore for the weekend with ten of my girls and stayed with our mutual guy friend, Ryan, who just happened to be Zach's roommate (at the time). Zach and I reconnected and bonded over an upcoming music festival that we were both attending in the summer. I gave him my number and, well, you know... history. We dated long distance for three and a half years but eventually, Zach moved back to the area for a job in Philadelphia. By Christmas Eve, we were engaged... and married two years later on April 28th!
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We hope we've given you a few more reasons to schedule your favorite cinematographer, today. And remember, no matter where you find that special spot for your wedding, NST Pictures can be right beside you to capture and create a film that will bring the whole day rushing back on the big screen for years to come. In their words, "While we highlight the tangible details of the day, our expertise lies in focusing on the emotional details–like the way your fiancé squeezes your hand during the ceremony or the look you share with your mother while you’re getting ready... the hug that neither of you want to let go of...  that rejoices in knowing that TODAY is your wedding day!"

We'd love for you to take some time with your sweetheart to watch more films from NST Pictures right here: Wedding Films from NST Pictures